Connect Global was invited to share during the Morning Briefing at shift change

We are grateful for the friendship we have with Police Department Commisor Luis Bustamante, and for the privilege of being able to share with the men and women of the local police department. Our Team toured the facility and had time to pray with the special forces team before they went out on their mission for the day. 

This week's Project was to renew the facility's medical clinic

Several pounds of Medical Supplies were donated by our generous supporters and friends in the US and we were able to donate half to the medical infirmary at the police station. In addition to the newly donated supplies, our team repainted, and reorganized the clinic, we will be refurbishing a medical exam table, and we donated a brand new clean water dispenser. 

Our Ongoing Plans at the Police Department

In addition to these aesthetic upgrades and organization we plan to also coordinate CPR and Field Medic training with the department as well as outfit each police vehicle with standard in field medical trauma bags. This is something that we have discovered is lacking in this department. Commisor Luis Bustamante has shared that on many occasions officers lives could have been saved in the field if only for proper equipment and training. This plan will literally save lives of officers being harmed in the line of duty. 

If you would like to get involved serving the Police Officers of Honduras, please contact Javier Mendoza. 

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