One of Connect Global's dear friends has been saving her extra pocket change for an Aquaponic Tilapia Pond. She is about halfway to filling up her 64oz jar and we couldn't be more excited for her and for the life change that will come because of this simple act. 

None of us can change the world on our own, but when we work together we can achieve life change one person at a time. 

One day soon this jar of coins will be converted into a life giving, sustainable project in Haiti, or Honduras and our Friend Patricia will be the one that made it possible. 

You can Turn your Pocket Change into Life Change by filling up your own jar and donating the contents here

We will keep you posted on how this jar of coins makes it's way around the world and makes life better for someone in need. 

Send us a picture of your pocket change and we will post it here. Let's see how much we can do.