First Mission Trip 

Mission Trip with Morning Star Church in Tampa. Circa 2006

It was in 2004 when I made my first journey outside the borders of the US. I remember standing in line to get my passport, mailing off the application, and impatiently awaiting it's arrival. I remember going to Bill Jackson's to get a trail rated back pack to carry all my stuff. I can distinctly remember the nerves of the night before our flight. Thinking about all the things I jammed into my backpack and wondering if I had enough.

Pins on a Map depicting Connect Global's Past, Present, and Future Trips. 2013

We had been told about the destination and what to expect in pretty good detail, but I still felt a great sense of adventure and anxiety about it. My idea of traveling at the time was pretty limited to Tiki Huts, Island Restaurants, Cruise Ships, and Luxury Hotels. I did not even know what to think when they told me I would need to buy a mosquito net for sleeping.

Javier Mendoza, Co Founder of Connect Global, speaking to church leaders in Puebla, Mexico. 2010

Looking back ten years it's pretty great to see how far we have come. We have now been back to the village from our first trip over a dozen times. My wife, sister and brother in law, and I have founded Connect Global, (a sustainable mission oriented non profit). We have made friends over the last decade who make this way of life not only productive but extraordinarily exciting. 

July 12-19, Travis and I will be heading to Cusuna once again to visit the beautiful friends we have made over the last ten years. .

This time, I am very familiar with my gear and have only packed what I need. I have my freshly renewed passport ready for another "first" stamp and I again have a mix of anticipation, anxiety, and adventure as if it was my first trip ever. 

I hope to never lose this feeling and that every trip I make would always bring with it adventure, fun, and most of all positive and lasting improvement for myself and for those I come into contact with. 

Javier & Danielle Mendoza in Cusuna Honduras 2006

After ten years I am no longer naive enough to think I can change the world all by myself, I am however, very confident that along with my friends, partners, family and supporters we can and will change this world for the better, one person at a time. 

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