People love to travel, and for good reason.

Travel is exciting, challenging, rewarding, enlightening, and can be very inspiring. Travel can also be very productive. It can change you as a person. It can open your eyes to a new way of thinking or understanding. Travel can bring both independence and togetherness. 

Traveling with Purpose takes intentional planning and preparation.

To Travel with Purpose means you don't just let the world happen, but you make it happen. You choose to take certain paths, and make specific decisions. Traveling with Purpose forces you to take notice of things you were once blind to. 

Connect Global has decided that our trips would not just be expeditions for travel sake, instead, each would become a vehicle to lasting and positive change. Our purpose is to make bad situations better, good circumstances great, and to promote people who have been marginalized in life. To tell the stories of those lives and to make a difference for each one.

Our vision is to meet the Physical, Emotional + Spiritual needs of others and we do this through sustainable, project based service to those in need. We make every effort to travel well, and to travel with purpose everywhere we go. We support our friends and make sure they have what they need to live in success. 

There is a big world out there in need of positive change, but we believe that together we can make a difference. 

We invite you to join Connect Global as we Travel With Purpose