Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9 NIV)

Ten years!  That's how long Javier Mendoza and I have been working in Cusuna, Honduras.   

Some times it seems like we took our first trip only yesterday.  I still remember the first time a seven year old Julio put his little hand in mine.  I remember sitting behind Jorge Amador on the 8+ school bus ride getting my Spanish lessons.  I remember the first time the children ran along side the bus as we drove into town.  

The memories are fresh and clear and now coupled with the new memories of a 17 year old Julio lifting me up on his shoulders.  Or watching Pastor Adonis (a 12 year child on our first trip) now pastor the Church of God in Cusuna.  To see the children of my once young friends now serving God and full of the same Garifuna joy is simply amazing. 

Pastor Adonis singing in the church in Cusuna 

Pastor Adonis singing in the church in Cusuna 

Not only amazing but also fulfilling.  It is literally the fulfillment of 10 years of hard work.  On this last trip we witnessed 2 especially amazing events.  First, we watched as Pastor Adonis lead this outstanding congregation in worship.  This is so significant because Adonis is the first Garifuna pastor at this church.  Cusuna has been called the center of the Garifuna world.  

The Church of God is the only evangelical church in Cusuna.  So for this congregation to now have a Garifuna pastor is the fulfillment of a long-term dream.  And the results are evident.  You can see the new sense of life and joy in each church member and leader as they are being lead by one of their own people.  I'm certain the exponential impact into the Garifuna people will be felt for decades to come. 

Secondly, we installed solar panels and a battery system on the Aquaponic system.  After three years of building Aquaponic systems in the most remote places it was truly a profound moment to simply watch the sun move the water.  Solar power has become the new equalizer in the developing world and we are quickly taking advantage of this sustainable power source.  

Today, this food producing system is now even more efficient and productive thanks to the power of the sun.  It was a miracle to behold.

A final thought on these last ten years is how humbled we are to have not walked this out alone.  

While Javier and I have been the ones physically going, we have had such amazing friends and family partnering with us every step of the way.  From our amazing wives to our ever supportive parents to the friends who have spent countless hours praying for us and those who have put their hard earned financial resources to work on our behalf.  We have never been alone. 

I am proud to say that we have not given up and as promised, we are reaping a harvest.  And that harvest fuels us for the next ten years and more to come.