The Mendoza Family will be spending 2015 in La Ceiba Honduras as a part of the Connect Global Connected Community Initiative.

Myself, Danielle and Saige will be living in La Ceiba Honduras to aid in implementing a new plan for bringing sustainable solutions to the city. We have many friends and partners in the area and look forward to meeting and making acquaintance with several more this year.

The overview of Connected Community is structured around helping and supporting
four main groups within the community: Churches, Schools, Local Business, and Children's Homes. We believe that each of these community entities holds
the key to unlocking exponential positive change and growth for La Ceiba. This community will be a shining example of what can happen when we all choose to work together and focus on sustainable solutions.

We are Currently recruiting high caliber Church leaders, Educators, Medical Professionals and Business leaders to come volunteer alongside us in this initiative. We need you to serve by sharing your skills and talents with the Community.

Come be the answer to a prayer you didn’t even know someone was praying.

Ready to get involved, Drop us an Email or join an Upcoming Trip to La Ceiba, Honduras

Mendoza Family Contact Info:

Javier Danielle and Saige Mendoza

PO BOX 47381 Tampa, FL 33646 

Mendoza Family is on Twitter