Many of you have questions of how this move to Honduras has come about.

I will create notes here on FB from time to time while we are away to answer the common questions we get like WHY ? As well as post about what our day to day work looks like there.

Ok, where to start...? Yes we are nervous, in some moments it feels like my heart may just jump out of my chest.

In other moments there is such an overwhelming peace about it that I just want to cry ( but I don't because I have a great poker face. ) The fact that I can experience that type of peace and to that degree beside the fact that we have never laid eyes on our soon to be dwelling, or that we don't have a solution for transportation in a country that has been known as the Murder Capitol of the World is nothing short of faith and a miracle. I can tell you peace does not come from having all the answers, all the resources or everything always going according to plan. In my life it has come from faith and trust, believing and knowing we will be ok. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care. Matt 10:29. The greatest JOY in what we are embarking on is that it is NOT ABOUT US... Ahhhh how refreshing. It is about what we feel we were not only called to do but that it is something we were created for. To our delight we are seeing that as a family unit we have this desire, calling and will to GO.

Now for those who feel like " well this is sudden " rest assured it is not.

Javier and I have been on the mission field separately for 15 years now and on the field together for the last decade. Here is a fun fact... Javier and I fell in love on a mission trip... True story ! It is about the ONLY thing we have in common ha, but what a great thing to share the same passion for. Really my greatest concern on this journey is that my daughter will feel a strong sense of community. I pray she has double the play time with friends and a double portion of love and security in her little heart. I pray this lays a strong foundation In the makeup of who she is and who she will become in life.

Thank you all for reading and letting me share a few thoughts. Your prayers, support and friendship are always valued and respected.

Peace be with YOU!

Photos from Our First Trip to Honduras over ten years ago