Fundación Hondureña para el Niño con Cáncer

Honduran Foundation for Kids with Cancer

The sole purpose of this foundation is to provide free treatment to over 3000 children in Honduras who are currently battling cancer. Simple. Not Easy. With understaffed hospitals, and a lack of adequate medical supplies, the foundation truly has an uphill battle. They nonetheless spend every day fundraising, and fighting to treat as many children as they can. Once a child is diagnosed with cancer, the foundation is available to them, free of charge, until the battle ends. Everyday, from all across Honduras, parents bring their children to one of the Foundations 7 clinics. 

The Local clinic here in La Ceiba is staffed by ONE individual, Tesla Welcher, who is in charge of scheduling treatments, local fundraising, and any other tasks that come her way. 

One such task was converting her one room clinic into two by creating a wall that would allow the chemo treatments to have their own room separate from other children and their families as they await treatment. She asked CCI Church and Connect Global to help her complete this task. We happily agreed to help her and started work in March. 

Our work crew created a block wall with sliding window panes which will enable the treatments to have their own room which gets this clinic much closer to the high standards that the foundation demands for the children they help. Safety as well as comfort and aesthetics are all of high importance for the foundation. Just because treatments are free to patients does not mean they should receive anything but the best. 

The Connect Global team made final touches to the room by painting and giving the chairs and floors a deep scrubbing. We got the room back up to par just before the week's round of patients came in. Our team was able to share ice cream and playtime with the kids as well as hear the stories of two of the Foundations patients. 

We are so proud of the work that this foundation does and look forward to partnering long-term with Tesla, and the others who work tirelessly furthering the mission.