Thank You for your interest in our family. 

We had a great summer with our team coming in from Texas, Florida and Atlanta in July. Together we got to partner with several local organizations to provide support to their community work. 

We are preparing for our next team September 12th.

This team will drive to a village called Cusuna, Honduras. It is about six hours from La Ceiba. This village is the location of the very first mission trip Danielle and I went to together, 10 years ago. This village is very special to our family as it not only represents the first time we fell in love with this group of people but little did we know it would also be the catalyst to launch us into missions in the capacity we are today.

Choosing to live full time for a year in another country is a special privilege that we have not taken lightly.

Yes there are challenges and there are some days that are harder than others, but we have had a wonderful time so far. We have made new, life long friends all over the country of Honduras and are grateful to be able to strengthen the relationships we have made over the last 10 years. 

This year has given us greater perspective on how to continue working and serving this country for the future.

Our time has also given us up close opportunities to see past the news headlines that tell us that Honduras is nothing more than the murder capitol of the world. There are hardworking, law abiding, community serving people all over this country. Everyone we have worked with here has been wonderful. We have been able to make some great partnerships with self motivated leaders and directors. 

Please keep us in your prayers and keep Honduras in your prayers.

There is still much we can all do to help lend a hand to our friends here. If you would like to make a financial donation you can know that every dollar is going to people who are great stewards and are making every penny go as far as possible! Additionally, we are always looking for volunteers to come and give of your time, expertise and skill to augment the work that is going on in this community. 

Javier & Danielle Mendoza
Connect Global