After living in Honduras these past eight months I have began to see many things from a different perspective.

One thing I have been mulling over almost constantly is gratitude. Being grateful shows depth in someone’s character, while being ungrateful displays an attitude of entitlement. I am learning that being grateful often times is a choice made by the individual and is rarely determined by ones set of circumstances.

I have been humbled by many of the citizens here in Honduras.

Scouting projects, vision casting and follow through takes a significant amount of work not only from our organization but also from the leaders in the community who graciously plan, facilitate and include every needed detail to accomplish the task at hand. These community leaders are the ones who lend us credibility to their friends, their families, their schools and hospitals.

The gratitude that they exude in the day to day has even made me feel uncomfortable at times. In part because our organization solely exists to be a help, a support and a friend to such communities, so what else would we be doing? I really want to carry pictures of ALL of YOU and say “ thank them.” We are simply trying to be a follower of Christ who fulfills the Great Commission. For Javier and I personally, as well as Connect Global as a staff, we have made a decision to actually do what the bible says to do. It sounds crazy but by simply doing what the bible says our purpose in life can be revealed. We are to enhance others with the gifts we have received.

Everyone has the ability to play a role in enhancing someone’s life.

For most of you this will not involve you moving to a developing country, learning a new culture or deciphering a new language, but if you are mindful it will re-route your heart and your thinking.

For many of you this will look like you being the best teacher your students will ever have, being a co-worker that will listen in someone’s time of need, or being a spouse that dedicates their life to friendship and mutual partnership within your marriage. The list can go on and on, the idea is that when you begin to nurture your attitude of gratitude you will no longer be able to settle for surface relationship, petty gossip, constant discontentment or dissatisfaction. By focusing on the enhancement of others, you forfeit the “right” to be selfish and that leads you to places you’ve never imagined being.

In fact you might catch yourself volunteering to feed the homeless, taking in foster children, booking a ticket to a foreign land to go and serve, or playing the piano for the elderly in your local nursing home. The possibilities are endless.

YOU have the power to make a significant difference in the lives of others.

It is easier at times to focus on present circumstances, feel entitled or harbor resentment but that road is wide, and leads you nowhere.

Practice gratitude, give of yourself, and live on purpose so you too can experience The Road Less Traveled.