Preparing for the arrival of the World Race Team

This past weekend, Travis, Gina and Noah Moffitt began a one month stay in Honduras to host a team of World Racers and to continue the work that Connect Global has established in the city of La Ceiba. 

Danielle, Saige and My self spent 2015 living in La Ceiba establishing some really great relationships and working hard at creating some really engaging and sustainable projects with several locally run organizations. 

This month our Co Founders will continue in the work aided by a special group of traveling missionaries. The World Race is an 11 month journey that takes participants through 11 different countries, and pairs them up with organizations like ours who are making a great impact in order to support and increase their effectiveness. 

This month our team will participate in many outreaches that we have designed to be very locally impactful as well as augment our long term goals of equipping and empowering local ministries to continue reaching their community through sustainable programs. 

Over the past couple of days, our team, CCI Church La Ceiba, and several other individual volunteers, gave of their time, resources, and energy setting up a comfortable and clean place for these World Racers to Stay while they are with us in La Ceiba.

By utilizing the church rooms as dorms the team, as well as our staff, can spend a greater percentage of all fundraising efforts towards the projects that really matter. This helps us maintain a very high level of support directed towards the community. 

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our team. This month will be a wonderful time of community outreach and personal growth. Pray for safety, energy, and increase of relational depth in La Ceiba. 

Thank You

Javier Mendoza,

Connect Global Co Founder