Connect Global has partnered with Global Advance to bring hope and practical insight to the business community of La Ceiba, Honduras

We are very thrilled with the recent trip our team took to La Ceiba. The focus was two fold. One tract was centered on empowering women of La Ceiba. The second was focused on business leadership and increasing the business acumen of the community. 

As a part of the Business Leadership Conference, the team conducted several Marketplace Visits to local businesses. 

The Marketplace visits included an assortment of local businesses. Paint stores, to private schools, to candy stores and printing shops. These business leaders and owners benefitted from decades of accumulated business experience offered by the Global Advance and Connect Global Team Members. 

Some of the business owners have been in business all of their lives, while others for only the last couple of years. Despite the length of ownership each of the business owners modeled a very high caliber of ethics, a record of success, as well as clear plans and vision for the future. 

Each owner was glad to have personal and intimate conversations about the challenges each face as well as be celebrated for the success they have created. 

Our teams learned a lot about what it takes to build and maintain a business in the City of La Ceiba. Some challenges are very unique to Honduras, while others are obstacles we all face when launching something we are passionate about. 

I believe everyone involved was encouraged by each other and we all gained a great deal more perspective on what each other has experienced.