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Connect Global Missions Trip Tips: Stay Hydrated

Connect Global Missions Trip Tips: Stay Hydrated

Connect Global Missions

Trip Tips

Stay Hydrated

Water is required and you need to drink plenty. Plan to consume 2-3 liters a day.  Generally refrain from drinking directly from faucets, or puddles on the ground.  If you are planning on being away from a clean water source for any amount of time, it's always best to refill your personal bottle with purified, clean water.

How you travel makes a difference

How you travel makes a difference

We’ve compiled a list of Mission Trip Tips that will ensure starting off on a great foot for any upcoming adventure. This list is what we have decided over the years will make a foundation for a great trip, but please use your discretion as you read the list and make the best choice.

Mission Trip or Vacation?

Mission Trip or Vacation?

The difference between a mission trip and a vacation

“A mission trip is just a vacation that someone else pays for.” Lots of mission trip critics say this, and they’re right. Sometimes. At first glance mission trips and vacations do look pretty similar. They both involve taking time off from school or work, traveling to a new place, and taking lots of pictures.

However, if you’re really going on a mission trip, there will always be one huge difference. The difference is your purpose.

However, if you're really going on a mission trip, there will always be one huge difference. 

The difference is your purpose.

Self-centered vs. Selfless

The purpose of a vacation is to maximize your own personal enjoyment, relaxation, and pleasure. It's a trip that's all about you. It's self-centered.

On the other hand, the purpose of a mission trip is to maximize the name of Jesus by serving others. It's a trip that's all about others. It's selfless.

When a mission trip turns into a vacation

Can a mission trip turn into a vacation? Yes, if you're not being intentional.

What are your motives and reasons for going? To snap some cool pictures, get to know a cute guy or girl, or travel to an exotic place? If this is where your motives start and end, you're not honestly on a mission trip; you're more on a vacation because you're only focusing on yourself (self-centered).

What's your motivation?

Since we're all naturally self-centered, we need to be intentional about having selfless motives. It's not bad or wrong to take pictures, have fun with your teammates, or enjoy traveling. However, you don't want one of those to be your primary motivations during your trip. Motives turn into actions. So, if taking pictures is your primary motive, it'll be your primary action all throughout your mission trip.

On the other hand, if you're intentional about having motives like serving others, digging wells, or sharing God's love with children, then these will be the motives that turn into actions on your mission trip.

Think about it

Which way is your trip leaning? The mission trip side or the vacation side? The selfless side or the self-centered side?

No trip is perfect, and we all struggle with self-centered motives. However, if we're striving to be better reflections of Jesus, we need to be moving in a selfless direction. Jesus was rarely focused on getting great selfies during His trips.

Mark Your Calendars, Join Connect Global for a Mission Trip

Mark Your Calendars, Join Connect Global for a Mission Trip

Mark Your Calendars for a Connect Global Mission Trip

We have released the schedule of this year’s Mission Trips and we want you to join us!

If this is your first time to join Connect Global on a mission trip, we welcome you. You will enjoy your time serving alongside some very dedicated and hardworking individuals. 

You can Find our Trip Schedule and Mission Trip Application below.

 Please invite your friends as well. 


World Race Update

World Race Update

Our World Race Team arrived in La Ceiba Last week and we could not be happier with this group!  

Thank You to Travis, Gina, and Noah for making the World Race Team feel at Home in La Ceiba. We are looking forward to getting the team fully immersed, for the next 4 weeks, in the Projects Connect Global has been working on! 

One of the places this World Race Team will visit is the Regional Hospital where we have plans to build a new Maternity Home for new and expectant Mothers. 

Please stay tuned for more updates from these fun and selfless young missionaries and updates on the projects they are helping us advance this month. 

Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant

 Cardiac Transplantation: The replacement of a patient's diseased or injured heart with a healthy donor heart.

Think for a moment about the monumental process of removing a person's heart.  Taking what may be the single most important organ in a person's body out because it is not functioning properly.  Assessing the current level of damage as being so great that there is no other course of action but full removal.

Then think for a moment about the cost of the donor.  One must die so that another person may live.  The donor does not receive a new heart.  Their heart is, however, healthy enough for the new recipient.  The donor's gift in death becomes life for someone else.

I think this physical example is not unlike the emotional and spiritual journey of a mission trip.  Someone gives of their life so that another may receive life or hope or food or clothes or comfort or ...

A few weeks ago Gina, Noah and I stood at the Hedman Alas bus station in La Ceiba, Honduras waiting for our heart recipients to arrive.  A group of 6 young ladies whom we had never met, but already loved.  Little did we know that our hearts would be extracted over the next month and placed in each one of them.

It was already dark, and still 85 degrees, by the time they arrived.  Gretchen, Hannah, Ryan, Kate, Brittany and Amber came pouring out of the bus with another half dozen Americans.  They were tired from a long day of travel and weighed down with their huge backpacks.  We were their 11th country on their WorldRace.  Their 11th host.  Their 11th ministry stop.  Just one more location on their journey home?  Maybe we could be more.

A few greetings with our new family of strangers and we were off to get them settled into their sleeping quarters and then dinner.  Over the next month we visited orphanages, hospitals, police stations, churches, schools and feeding centers.  We laughed together.  We cried together.  We prayed for the sick and fed the hungry together.  And in all of these activities and meals and conversations, our hearts were slowly excised.  Piece by piece this cardiac transplantation took place.

We heard the stories of their visits to other countries.  We heard their family histories back in the US.  We got to know their brothers and sisters through pictures and tales of family Christmas and sorrow and joy.  They hugged my wife.  They played Uno with my son.  They have our hearts.


And I'm forever grateful for it.

Cardiac Transplantation occurs when the patient's heart is too sick or injured to continue pumping.  It's often times the last chance for the heart recipient.  And the final gift of the heart donor.  Each of us on this earth experience the impact of life.  Our hearts grow.  We receive love and betrayal.  We experience joy and sorrow.  Our hearts gain strength and sometimes, often times, our hearts get sick.  Our hearts become bitter by betrayal.  Our hearts become sour by sorrow.  Our hearts become timid by trials.  And we begin to die.  We need a new heart.

In the book of Ezekial chapter 36, verse 26, God makes an incredible promise to us.  He says, "I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."  God Himself describes the first heart transplant.  He promises that He will not leave us in a sick and injured condition of cardiac arrest.  But that He will become our ultimate heart donor and give us life.


As Gina, Noah and I poured out our own hearts into our team, I could feel the Spirit of God filling us with a new heart; filling us with His heart.  I could feel His love for people growing inside of us.  I could feel my own bitterness and sorrow and fear leaving as His grace and joy and boldness came flooding in.  I could feel my heart of stone being removed and His heart of flesh was carefully sewn in and began pumping new life.

This supernatural cardiac transplantation is indeed a miracle.  Yet it occurs through the very practical action of "Love Your Neighbor".  It first requires the extraction; the emptying of self; the giving of your own heart.  When we are empty, then we are ready to receive His new heart.


We met our team prepared to give to them.  We were there to be the heart donors, and indeed we poured our hearts into them.  But in so doing, we became the recipients.  We became the patients getting the new heart of flesh.  Thank you team #kylo for the month you gave us and thank you God for you have given me life.

Travis Moffitt

In April of 2016, Connect Global hosted a team from the World Race in La Ceiba, Honduras as a part of our ongoing initiative, Connected Community. At Connect Global we are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus to share the Gospel with the whole world through collaborative and sustainable efforts. You can join us in these efforts through financial partnership and/or trip participation.

Happy Birthday to Connect Global

Happy Birthday to Connect Global

4 Years ago a Journey was started.

Four years ago today Connect Global was created to bring sustainable solutions to people in need throughout the world.  We set out to find friends with whom we could partner to deliver real solutions to real problems in a sustainable way.

Some of you have joined us.  Some of you have come along the journey to visit foreign soil with us.  Some of you have faithfully and financially sent us along the path.  Many have found long lost friends they never knew they had; All while bringing sustainable solutions to those in greatest need.

These solutions have changed from place to place.  Different problems require different solutions.  Even while adapting our methods to the needs of each friend we visit, our priorities have never wavered.  

There is one solution that we have found to fit every need.  In fact I would personaly say that this is the most sustainable solution of all: The Good News of Jesus.  Simply put, we are blessed to be a blessing.  We have received grace, now we can freely give grace.  We have received favor, now we can freely give favor.  We have received life, now we can freely give life.  

All that we have is because of the kindness of God through Jesus and we are freely asked to simply give it all away.  Each person receiving this can simply pass it on.  No other methodology is more simple, more duplicatable, more sustainable or more impactful.

Around the world as well as around the corner there are people just like you and me.  People in need of sustainable solutions to the problems they face.  People in need of life.  People in need of grace.  People in need of you and me.  Our birthday wish at Connect Global is that these blessings of life and grace would simply be passed along.

To all who have joined us; we offer blessings.  To all who have financially given to Connect Global along this journey, we are deeply moved and honored by your support and friendship.  

You have blessed us beyond measure and there are countless lives that are better for it.

Please join us today in wishing Connect Global a happy fourth birthday!

-Travis Moffitt

Connect Global at DINAF in La Ceiba Honduras

Connect Global at DINAF in La Ceiba Honduras

Connect Global Team at DINAF in La Ceiba

Connect Global April Team in front of DINAF in La Ceiba Honduras

Connect Global April Team in front of DINAF in La Ceiba Honduras

Connect Global has been introduced this year to Dirección Nacional de la Niñez y la Familia (DINAF)  a community organization charged with the enforcement of the protection of children, adolescents, and families. They are the front line of child abuse, adoption, fostering, and family counseling. The local branch in La Ceiba has a school with the capacity of 90 and serves between 30 and 40 families a month though free counseling, light medical treatment, groceries, and daycare for working parents. 

The school currently has around 30 students, and between 5 and 10 preschoolers. 

Javier Mendoza, Mayor Carlos Aguilar, Director of Dinaf Rosa, and Travis Moffitt. 

Javier Mendoza, Mayor Carlos Aguilar, Director of Dinaf Rosa, and Travis Moffitt. 

Rosa, the director, has been great contact and has been able to guide us as we jump in and help. 

The Bathrooms at DINAF were unsanitary, hazardous, and in need of consistent running water.

The Bathrooms at DINAF were unsanitary, hazardous, and in need of consistent running water.

In March we began the renovation of two bathrooms that were in very bad shape. The water was not running, the pipes were strewn across the room, and open drains caused not only a danger to little feet, but an overall health hazard to all. 

We also noticed that the kids area was in need of new dining tables for the cafeteria, a new medical table for their nurses station, and several pieces of school furniture needed refurbishing. 

The Connect Global team that arrived in April, was able to jump right into the renovations, and made a huge difference to the place. Sanders, Paint brushes and Mr Clean in Hand, the team made light work of the children's furniture, bathrooms, and medical area. 

Our team, and network of churches, individuals and local businesses made several monetary and physical donations including Medical Supplies, School Supplies, a new Medical Exam Table, and NEW School lunch tables made by a local craftsman and business owner, Oscar Canales. 

I am so proud of the team and their efforts. I am also grateful for the several local and international partners that came together to make the start of this partnership a success. Special Thanks to: Open Arms Church, Revival Temple, Joshua Nations, Oscar Canales, JIlma Molinero, CCI Church La Ceiba, Life Community Church, Dr. Oviedo, Smart Copy Honduras, and Luis and Juana. 

The team was joined on one of the work days, by the Lady Lee Foundation of Honduras, and the Mayor of the City of La Ceiba, Carlos Aguilar, to complete the donations and gifts. 


"[DINAF is] a new paradigm of child protection consisting of a decentralized governance with the participation of churches and NGOs engaged in the care of children" - Creación de DINAF para atender a la niñez y adolescencia -


Thank You

Thank You

Part of the Connect Global April Team riding through La Ceiba. 

Part of the Connect Global April Team riding through La Ceiba. 

Thank You to all who volunteered, donated, and traveled to make April's trip a success.

We are truly grateful for your willingness to be a part of this mission. 

Our team consisted of volunteers from 4 different states and several different churches and organizations. We received donations from dozens of individuals, businesses, churches, from both the US and Honduras. 

Everyone who put their heart and soul into this week long venture can rest knowing that their efforts are a part of a growing network of Honduran and US partnerships all working together to improve situations here and around the city of La Ceiba Honduras. Reducing Jetlag through Mobile Tracking Reducing Jetlag through Mobile Tracking

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