A Tall glass of water—On a hot day there's nothing more refreshing.  The simplest of drinks can be the most thirst quenching, especially when it's exactly what you are craving.  Until it's unavailable.

Over 660 Million people around the world still drink dirty water. People without access to clean drinking water become ill, miss out on school, make less money, and can even die from water borne disease.


We are working closely with community leaders in the town of San Lorenzo, as well as a Honduran Business leaders and locally run Charities to bring clean water to these residents. We were able to raise $5000 here in the US to help complete this years phase of this project.

We invite you to join this collaborative and sustainable project.  Together we can share the love of Jesus and a tall glass of water with the people of San Lorenzo Honduras and beyond. We plan to continue to help refresh and support this community in their development strategy over the next few years.

You can give financially below and know that 100% of your donation to Clean Water projects will go directly to these life saving projects.

Training in Honduras

Connect Global has committed to help several neighboring communities in Honduras to gain access to precious, life-saving water.

Connect Global is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus through collaborative and sustainable solutions.