In 2015, Connect Global launched an initiative in Honduras we call Connected Community. As a part of our ongoing support and investment into the Community of La Ceiba, Honduras our team provided a 2-day training for several members of the local police department. Since then we have also engaged with the Fire Departments of La Ceiba, and El Porvenir to provide fire suits, medical equipment, and other job related support.


Connect Global has created a wonderful partnership with the firefighters of Honduras

During our June 2019 trip, we visited the fire department in El Porvenir, Honduras and were able to learn of the many items these men and women are doing their jobs without. One of the needs was a set of radios for communications while out on a call or while on patrol in the community. A team member in June decided to commit on the spot to purchasing these radios. We also set up a fund to help with other much needed items. This week, our National Director in Honduras, Jorge Amador, was able to deliver these radios. Thank You to Scott Gordon, his family, Crosspoint Community Church, and many others for your selfless contributions. ***As of June 20th, we have collected $5,160 in donations towards the Ambulance and other items that the department sorely needs.***

The Fire Department of El Porvenir in Honduras is in need of a few items and we would love for you to join us to help meet these needs:

  • Fire rated boots

  • air masks

  • air compressor for oxygen tanks

  • an ambulance for emergency response

Connect Global has started a Firefighters Fund to help these amazing individuals.

We are grateful to be able to make such a tangible impact in the Community of El Porvenir, Honduras.

Connect Global is building a strong connection to these men and women in order to extend both physical and spiritual support to the Fire and Rescue teams of Honduras.

If you or someone you know has access to these items or can make a donation to help us purchase these items please share this post and help us reach this worthwhile goal!

Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall be called the children of God.
— Matthew 5:9

Will you help us Sponsor the items listed above to help the Fire Department?

A gift of any amount would go a long way and make a huge impact to this community of First Responders! 

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Connect Global was able to facilitate the delivery of a set of new radios to the Firefighters of El Porvenir in June 2019, for emergency communication.

Connect Global was able to facilitate the delivery of a set of new radios to the Firefighters of El Porvenir in June 2019, for emergency communication.

Firefighters in El Porvenir welcomed the Connect Global National Director, Jorge Amador, this week as he delivered a new pair of communications radios. We are grateful to be able to serve the brave men and women who diligently protect their community.


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