It was such an honor to spend time with some of the most Godliest men and women in Haiti. Experiencing their culture, in which, is devoted to God has inspired me.

Initially, I was concerned with being somewhere that I have never been and having no connection to the outside world. There was a huge language barrier; therefore, all I could rely on was God and His mercy and Grace alone. I have never experienced so much peace, joy, comfort, happiness, and faith in my entire life.

For once, I can actually say that I am dying to live and on fire for God. Haiti has been a humbling and emotional experience, my heart is with the entire nation-especially Pastor Julio Jn Gilles, his family, and their church.

I’ve made many good and bad decisions in my life, but this has been the BEST yet. God has truly revealed Himself to me, and exceeded my expectations.

Thanks to the Connect Global team for making this such a great experience. I love you all, and cant wait to do it again! Glory to God!