Little Lambs Refuge in La Masica is a wonderful ministry of Proyecto Alcance founded by David and Dialis Romero. They have cared for and supported girls of all ages in a very poor area of Honduras for 14 years.  Connect Global was introduced to this ministry in 2015 while Danielle, Saige, and myself lived in La Ceiba.


Over the past couple of years, we have made many day trips to support and spend time cultivating relationships with the children as well as the current leaders in charge of the day to day operations, Allison and Magda Espinoza. 

On our last trip to Honduras, April 25-May 2, we had the opportunity to have a pizza party with the kids. Our team purchased a couple of dozen pizzas and refreshments to share with everyone. We played games, and also shared a gift bag with each of the kiddos which included special treats like coloring books, bracelets, and even silly string which was a hit. 

It is special to see how each of the kids care for each other and show each other respect. They are all receiving a great example from the leadership of the house on how to treat other and they truly enjoy life. As we played games and watched all of the interactions it is easy to see the effect of loving your neighbor in practice and why we put such a focus on partnering with outreaches like Proyecto Alcance and their children’s home. We take great care to collaborate with churches, organizations, and individuals who are providing both spiritual and physical care in a loving and encouraging setting. We want to provide support for those already succeeding and excelling in their mission. 

Our team jumped right in and even without much language overlap made a wonderful impression on the kids. It was precious to see one of the girls, Fany, tearfully and joyfully give a very genuine speech of gratitude to our team at the end of our time. 

Love has no geographical restraints and language barriers don’t prevent us from connecting to one another. We are told to love one another and I and thankful for the wonderful team from Crosspoint Community Church in Rockwall, TX for giving love to our neighbors at the Little Lambs Refuge Home for Children in La Masica Honduras this week.


Will you help us Sponsor the next visit to the little lambs Refuge? A gift of any amount would go a long way and make a huge impact on the community.

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We love visiting the outreach in La Masica. The kids have made a huge impact on the teams we've brought. 

We love visiting the outreach in La Masica. The kids have made a huge impact on the teams we've brought. 

There are 31 kids between the ages of 6-21 at La Masica. It is a blessing to see the love that exists here. 


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