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Casa Feliz in La Ceiba Honduras

Casa Feliz in La Ceiba Honduras

This is Casa Feliz, which translates into Happy House.

These children come to Casa Feliz at all ages and from all backgrounds. They begin their journey here through pain and turmoil, but the directors have made it their life's work to make the road less bumpy and full of happiness for these young ones. We are very impressed with the work that goes on here and love to see the smiling faces each time we visit. This is truly a "Happy House".

Connect Global is Committed to this Honduran Home for Kids

We are committed to partnering with this location on an ongoing basis as a part of our Connected Community Initiative. They have implemented a very successful strategy of lifting kids out of terrible circumstances and raising them in an amazing house full of love, joy and faith. Each face you see represents something beautiful. For a rescued child to have the opportunity to write a beautiful new story for themselves is a miracle and we have seen that Happy House is a house where miracles happen everyday.  

Consider partnering with us on a monthly basis so that we can continue supporting this and so many efforts like Casa Feliz. We need medical supplies, and support for these kids, as well as monthly household support to help run the facility that houses all of these children.

A gift of $25 a month can go a long way in helping a place like Casa Feliz provide the best attention and care for kids in Honduras. Thank You