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Happy Birthday to Connect Global

Happy Birthday to Connect Global

4 Years ago a Journey was started.

Four years ago today Connect Global was created to bring sustainable solutions to people in need throughout the world.  We set out to find friends with whom we could partner to deliver real solutions to real problems in a sustainable way.

Some of you have joined us.  Some of you have come along the journey to visit foreign soil with us.  Some of you have faithfully and financially sent us along the path.  Many have found long lost friends they never knew they had; All while bringing sustainable solutions to those in greatest need.

These solutions have changed from place to place.  Different problems require different solutions.  Even while adapting our methods to the needs of each friend we visit, our priorities have never wavered.  

There is one solution that we have found to fit every need.  In fact I would personaly say that this is the most sustainable solution of all: The Good News of Jesus.  Simply put, we are blessed to be a blessing.  We have received grace, now we can freely give grace.  We have received favor, now we can freely give favor.  We have received life, now we can freely give life.  

All that we have is because of the kindness of God through Jesus and we are freely asked to simply give it all away.  Each person receiving this can simply pass it on.  No other methodology is more simple, more duplicatable, more sustainable or more impactful.

Around the world as well as around the corner there are people just like you and me.  People in need of sustainable solutions to the problems they face.  People in need of life.  People in need of grace.  People in need of you and me.  Our birthday wish at Connect Global is that these blessings of life and grace would simply be passed along.

To all who have joined us; we offer blessings.  To all who have financially given to Connect Global along this journey, we are deeply moved and honored by your support and friendship.  

You have blessed us beyond measure and there are countless lives that are better for it.

Please join us today in wishing Connect Global a happy fourth birthday!

-Travis Moffitt

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