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Joan Baez and Dr King

Joan Baez and Dr King

When I first met Dr. King, I was 16, and he came to speak at our high school gathering. They have kids from all over the country come as representatives of their part of the country. So there were a couple hundred of us, and we would meet in groups and discuss politics, and we were discussing nonviolence because it was a Quaker-based group. And then Dr. King came and spoke, and I was just stunned, because this man was doing what we had talked about. They had just started the more publicly seen and known boycotts in Montgomery, and I just wept through the whole thing, because it made something real to me. It was real, but I hadn’t seen an example of it in my daily life, and there it was.

Joan Baez

Joan Baez Singer, activist 


Rosebud Fair

So grateful for the opportunity to attend the annual Rosebud Fair.

The team handed out approx. 800 bottles of water to the historical dancers, and performers. The history and heritage we were able to witness was very powerful and passionately displayed.

Thank you to all who made this trip possible.

Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota