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2018 Mission Trip Announcement from Connect Global

2018 Mission Trip Announcement from Connect Global

We are very excited about the next round of Connect Global Mission Trips for 2018. 

At Connect Global we love taking both new and repeat team members on trips to Honduras and other locations.

Something special always takes place when a group of people from different places, and backgrounds all rally around the unified goal of serving others. 

A Mission Trip is not easy, but we do have fun.

Through sweat, tears, and laughter we take a small group of people and make a huge difference in the lives of those needing a hand up! 

We hope you will go with us in 2018 and jump into missions with both feet! 

The Connect Global Mission Trips are listed here, and you can get more information by clicking the boxes below! 

World Race Update

World Race Update

Our World Race Team arrived in La Ceiba Last week and we could not be happier with this group!  

Thank You to Travis, Gina, and Noah for making the World Race Team feel at Home in La Ceiba. We are looking forward to getting the team fully immersed, for the next 4 weeks, in the Projects Connect Global has been working on! 

One of the places this World Race Team will visit is the Regional Hospital where we have plans to build a new Maternity Home for new and expectant Mothers. 

Please stay tuned for more updates from these fun and selfless young missionaries and updates on the projects they are helping us advance this month. 

No Idea What To Expect

No Idea What To Expect

No Idea What To Expect

Special Guest Post by CJ Palmer of



Preparing for a mission trip can definitely be a challenge. Packing all of the right clothing and gear, tracking all of the flights and times, and preparing mentally to embrace a new culture are all things that are running through my head as I get ready. This weekend my wife and I will set out on our second trip to Honduras with Connect Global.


Since my wife and I went on a trip with Connect Global last year, you would think that this upcoming trip would be less of a challenge. And in some ways it is. We remember what the country looks like, we know who our trip leaders are, and we’re somewhat familiar with the food. Knowing these things does make this trip a little easier. But no matter how many times you’ve been on a mission trip, it’s always a challenge to prepare.

It’s difficult to prepare for a mission trip because you really have no idea what to expect. We can prepare for the meetings we have at work tomorrow. We can prepare for the people we have staying in our guest room two weeks from now. But it’s nearly impossible to prepare for the people we’ll meet and experiences we’ll have during this trip.

This goes against everything we know and experience in the United States. We know what time to be at work. We know what we’re having for dinner. We know who we’re going to see before we see them. We know what time we’re going to bed and what time we’re setting our alarm to wake up and do it all again.

You can’t plan and prepare for these things when you’re going on a mission trip. But, I think that’s exactly why we need to go. We need to practice what it feels like to follow Jesus, even when we’re not sure where He’s leading and what we’re going to do when we get there.

When Jesus asked His first disciples, Peter and Andrew, to follow him, they had no idea what He was up to. They had no time to prepare and no idea where He was leading. They were in the middle of their daily routine—casting their nets into the Sea of Galilee. But God had other plans for Peter and Andrew beyond their daily routine—plans they could in no way anticipate. God was up to something.

He’s still up to something. When we let go of our daily routine to see what God is up to in the world, we’re not only more open for God to work in us, but also for God to work through us.

My wife and I are so excited to serve the people of Honduras next week. We are excited to see what God is going to do in the Honduran people, in our team, and in each other. We have no idea what to expect next week, but that’s okay. We’ll find out soon.

Check back this Saturday and follow along as we begin our journey to Honduras.

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