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Our Next Clean Water Project In Honduras

Our Next Clean Water Project In Honduras

Over 660 Million people around the world still drink dirty water. People without access to clean drinking water become ill, miss out on school, make less money, and can even die from water borne disease.

Let's Give Water to a Village in Need

Let's Give Water to a Village in Need


A Tall glass of water—On a hot summer day there's nothing more refreshing.  The simplest of drinks can be the most thirst quenching, especially when it's exactly what's needed.  Until it's unavailable.

This is the case for the residents of the Honduran towns of El Tamarindo and San Lorenzo.  Around 600 men, women and children have lived without regular access to this most basic life-sustaining drink—Water.

I have witnessed first hand the living conditions of these wonderful people. 

Connect Global is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus through collaborative and sustainable solutions.  Through partnership with the local Water Management District, local businesses and local churches Connect Global was able to drill a deep water well in El Tamarindo.  This high capacity water well is now connected directly to the community's existing plumbing system providing water to every home, every family, every child for many years to come.

The community has offered land and committed to build a secure well house.  A local business, Agrolibano, has offered to provide a high capacity water tank.  Connect Global has committed to drill a deep water well and supply a water pump.  Due to the amazing collaboration and financial blessing from many sources in the US and In Honduras, the people of El Tamarindo now have water.

You have a part in all of this

Our Next Water Project will be in San Lorenzo in late summer of 2019. You can come with us and help bring clean water to a community in Need!


We are raising $5000 to complete the next project and we need your help. Whether you can give $5 or $50 every penny counts. You can literally save lives by helping us. Clean Water can equal improvements in education, income and overall health.

Thank you.

Travis Moffitt