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Photos in Haiti

Some people have expressed interest in mission trips and had no idea where to start. This is the team that I went with to Haiti. Aside from the fact that I personally think they are amazing human beings, I appreciate the very intentional nature of their ministry. They are building relationships in various locations, so you will have the opportunity to go and follow up in the place you are lead to go.

Before I left, my heart was set on service to my family and the ways I could be more diligent in my day to day tasks. The blessing of wearing “wife and mother” as my primary job title is something I’m still adjusting to and even take for granted at times. Spending the week in Haiti opened my eyes and blew my mind in various ways, but seeing Pastor Julio’s wife organize and run her home was absolutely awe inspiring. To her, it is service in love to them and anyone who comes to their home. If I’m able to imitate even a fraction of that, I’ll definitely be much better at my job. -Marcia Perry