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Our Next Clean Water Project In Honduras

Our Next Clean Water Project In Honduras

Over 660 Million people around the world still drink dirty water. People without access to clean drinking water become ill, miss out on school, make less money, and can even die from water borne disease.

Let's Give Water to a Village in Need

Let's Give Water to a Village in Need


A Tall glass of water—On a hot summer day there's nothing more refreshing.  The simplest of drinks can be the most thirst quenching, especially when it's exactly what's needed.  Until it's unavailable.

This is the case for the residents of the Honduran towns of El Tamarindo and San Lorenzo.  Around 600 men, women and children have lived without regular access to this most basic life-sustaining drink—Water.

I have witnessed first hand the living conditions of these wonderful people. 

Connect Global is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus through collaborative and sustainable solutions.  Through partnership with the local Water Management District, local businesses and local churches Connect Global was able to drill a deep water well in El Tamarindo.  This high capacity water well is now connected directly to the community's existing plumbing system providing water to every home, every family, every child for many years to come.

The community has offered land and committed to build a secure well house.  A local business, Agrolibano, has offered to provide a high capacity water tank.  Connect Global has committed to drill a deep water well and supply a water pump.  Due to the amazing collaboration and financial blessing from many sources in the US and In Honduras, the people of El Tamarindo now have water.

You have a part in all of this

Our Next Water Project will be in San Lorenzo in late summer of 2019. You can come with us and help bring clean water to a community in Need!


We are raising $5000 to complete the next project and we need your help. Whether you can give $5 or $50 every penny counts. You can literally save lives by helping us. Clean Water can equal improvements in education, income and overall health.

Thank you.

Travis Moffitt

Aquaponic Update from La Masica Honduras

Aquaponic Update from La Masica Honduras

There are many exciting updates from Honduras and one is concerning the Aquaponic Fish System we set up at the girls home and trade school in La Masica Honduras

This refuge and vocational school is doing wonderful things for their community and one is through the skills of aquaponics'

We received these images and video from, Alison, one of the directors at the home and we wanted to share them with you.

We hope you are as excited about the potential this presents for a sustainable food source as well as an invaluable learning tool to teach a new and unique trade to help empower a new generation in Honduras. 

 Sustainable solutions like Aquaponics, water wells and educational investments in national leaders are opening doors for us to share the good news of Jesus throughout Honduras and around the world. Thank you for your continued support through prayer and financial giving

Connected Community Update: Aquaponics

Connected Community Update: Aquaponics


Here Pastor Alison of La Masica, Honduras holds on of the Tilapia he raised in a new Aquaponic Fish System. 

A new Aquaponic project now exists in a small town called La Masica. It's going to benefit a girls home we support.

Our friend and long time Honduran partner, Jorge Amador, was the main catalyst for getting this project initiated and completed.

They worked hard and got all the supplies they needed from local friends and partners.

This is a wonderful example of the community working together to create practical solutions to support each other.

You can find out more about this ministry by clicking Here and Here

Learn more about Aquaponics 

Fish in a Bucket.jpg

These fish were cultivated and raised in a new aquaponic system in La Masica, Honduras for a Children's Home and Vocational School. 

Connect Global visit to the National Police Station of Honduras in La Ceiba

Connect Global visit to the National Police Station of Honduras in La Ceiba

Javier and Danielle Mendoza along with Pastor Allan Lorenzana of CCI Church in La Ceiba, visited the National Police headquarters for the state of Atlantida. 

Javier Mendoza with Luis Bustamante in La Ceiba

Javier Mendoza with Luis Bustamante in La Ceiba

Our time was spent observing the conditions of their medical clinic. The clinic serves all of the police officers here in the state as well as their children. 

We were asked to visit by our friend and Police Commissioner Luis Bustamante. He is concerned with the condition of the clinic and what they are able to do with the little resources dedicated towards police officer care. 

Commissioner Bustamante took notice of our completed projects at DINAF and at the Regional Hospital, and has asked us for help renovating and updating the Police Station Clinic. 

Pastor Allan Lorenzana, with the Mendoza Family meeting with Luis Bustamante at the police.  

Pastor Allan Lorenzana, with the Mendoza Family meeting with Luis Bustamante at the police.  

Along with aesthetic upgrades like paint and fixtures, we plan to provide more up to date medical materials and supplies. Since this is also for the families of police officers, we want to make it something especially nice for these officers, who put their lives on the line each day. 

Javier Mendoza with his daughter on a tour of the Honduran National Police station in La Ceiba Honduras  

Javier Mendoza with his daughter on a tour of the Honduran National Police station in La Ceiba Honduras  

We also plan to organize first aid and CPR training for these first responders. Very few are trained in basic CPR or first aid and when in the field and on missions, time is critical in the care and preservation of lives. Without proper training, these officers are being placed in extra danger which could be prevented. 

The Commissioner told us of a recent tragedy where one of his officers died in the line of duty, because of injuries he sustained while serving on a mission outside the city limits. His injuries should not have been life threatening, but due to the distance from a hospital and the lack of training in first aid or the needed supplies, he suffered and ultimately passed before getting medical treatment. 

Along with this new training initiative, we hope to outfit each company vehicle in the city with a properly equipped medic bag. In depth training combined with proper medical supplies will save lives in La Ceiba. 

We invite you to join us in this community service to these officers and their families. Make a donation online or join us on an upcoming trip.

You can be the difference in making sure these officers come home each and every night. 

Thank You 



Mendoza Family In La Ceiba Honduras

Mendoza Family In La Ceiba Honduras

The Mendoza Family will be spending 2015 in La Ceiba Honduras as a part of the Connect Global Connected Community Initiative.

Myself, Danielle and Saige will be living in La Ceiba Honduras to aid in implementing a new plan for bringing sustainable solutions to the city. We have many friends and partners in the area and look forward to meeting and making acquaintance with several more this year.

The overview of Connected Community is structured around helping and supporting
four main groups within the community: Churches, Schools, Local Business, and Children's Homes. We believe that each of these community entities holds
the key to unlocking exponential positive change and growth for La Ceiba. This community will be a shining example of what can happen when we all choose to work together and focus on sustainable solutions.

We are Currently recruiting high caliber Church leaders, Educators, Medical Professionals and Business leaders to come volunteer alongside us in this initiative. We need you to serve by sharing your skills and talents with the Community.

Come be the answer to a prayer you didn’t even know someone was praying.

Ready to get involved, Drop us an Email or join an Upcoming Trip to La Ceiba, Honduras

Mendoza Family Contact Info:

Javier Danielle and Saige Mendoza

PO BOX 47381 Tampa, FL 33646 

Mendoza Family is on Twitter





Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. –Chinese Proverb


Travel With Purpose

Travel With Purpose

People love to travel, and for good reason.

Travel is exciting, challenging, rewarding, enlightening, and can be very inspiring. Travel can also be very productive. It can change you as a person. It can open your eyes to a new way of thinking or understanding. Travel can bring both independence and togetherness. 

Traveling with Purpose takes intentional planning and preparation.

To Travel with Purpose means you don't just let the world happen, but you make it happen. You choose to take certain paths, and make specific decisions. Traveling with Purpose forces you to take notice of things you were once blind to. 

Connect Global has decided that our trips would not just be expeditions for travel sake, instead, each would become a vehicle to lasting and positive change. Our purpose is to make bad situations better, good circumstances great, and to promote people who have been marginalized in life. To tell the stories of those lives and to make a difference for each one.

Our vision is to meet the Physical, Emotional + Spiritual needs of others and we do this through sustainable, project based service to those in need. We make every effort to travel well, and to travel with purpose everywhere we go. We support our friends and make sure they have what they need to live in success. 

There is a big world out there in need of positive change, but we believe that together we can make a difference. 

We invite you to join Connect Global as we Travel With Purpose 

Aquaponic Watermelon in Honduras

Aquaponic Watermelon in Honduras

Billy Chrzan in Honduras has about 10 or so watermelons growing in an Aquaponic system and will be ready shortly. 

Aquaponics is an amazing tool for food production. We have several projects coming up to install new aquaponic growing systems in Honduras and Brazil.  

We are very excited about the life change possible through aquaponics. 

Aquaponic Watermelon are growing. 

Aquaponic Watermelon are growing. 

Watermelon Flower on the vine of an Aquaponic Watermelon plant. 

Watermelon Flower on the vine of an Aquaponic Watermelon plant. 

Turn Your Pocket Change Into Life Change

Turn Your Pocket Change Into Life Change

One of Connect Global's dear friends has been saving her extra pocket change for an Aquaponic Tilapia Pond. She is about halfway to filling up her 64oz jar and we couldn't be more excited for her and for the life change that will come because of this simple act. 

None of us can change the world on our own, but when we work together we can achieve life change one person at a time. 

One day soon this jar of coins will be converted into a life giving, sustainable project in Haiti, or Honduras and our Friend Patricia will be the one that made it possible. 

You can Turn your Pocket Change into Life Change by filling up your own jar and donating the contents here

We will keep you posted on how this jar of coins makes it's way around the world and makes life better for someone in need. 

Send us a picture of your pocket change and we will post it here. Let's see how much we can do.