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Sustainable Change

A Sustainable Opportunity

A Sustainable Opportunity

We believe one of the strategic paths to positive, sustainable change in Honduras starts with Aquaponics.


(You can find the full definition of Aquaponics by clicking here). Aquaponics allows for the creation and implementation of a renewable method of raising healthy fish alongside hydroponically-grown leafy vegetation.

This will substantially provide both food and a practical trade for anyone interested in learnng and maintaining these systems. 

Connect Global's own National Director of Honduras, Jorge Amador, has built 5 systems in La Ceiba over the last year and plans several more in 2018 and beyond. 

To find out More Please Check out the Articles below on Aquaponics


To Join us, you can go with us to install the next system, or you can make a donation towards the overall cost of our next project.