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Prayer is Powerful

Prayer is Powerful

Below is a Post written by one of the World Race team members Connect Global is hosting in La Ceiba. We are always looking forward to sharing experiences like this with our team members and being able to know that lives are being changed. 


Before I came on the race I could count on one hand how many times I prayed aloud. Now, I crave it. I made it a mission of mine since month one to get over my fear. I thought my prayers didn't matter. I didn't think I was saying the right thing or my words weren't eloquent enough. I've come to realize it doesn't matter what words I say.

My prayer is just as powerful as the pastors in the room. I find joy in praying for someone who needs it. Especially a precious baby who has their whole life ahead of them. Since being in Honduras we have prayed over many people and each time I stepped up and laid hands on as many people as I could.

The other day I found myself starting to smile while praying. I knew the Lord was hearing every word. I knew how much He loved me and all those around me. I pray and have confidence in the fact that He is going to take care of these people i'm praying for. In whatever way that may look.



Painting is a messy job.

Team Members from Elim Church did a fantastic job painting The Gathering Church in White River.

Hard work has a way of bringing people together.