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Connect Global Missions Trip Tips: Stay Hydrated

Connect Global Missions Trip Tips: Stay Hydrated

Connect Global Missions

Trip Tips

Stay Hydrated

Water is required and you need to drink plenty. Plan to consume 2-3 liters a day.  Generally refrain from drinking directly from faucets, or puddles on the ground.  If you are planning on being away from a clean water source for any amount of time, it's always best to refill your personal bottle with purified, clean water.

How you travel makes a difference

How you travel makes a difference

We’ve compiled a list of Mission Trip Tips that will ensure starting off on a great foot for any upcoming adventure. This list is what we have decided over the years will make a foundation for a great trip, but please use your discretion as you read the list and make the best choice.

Mission Trip or Vacation?

Mission Trip or Vacation?

The difference between a mission trip and a vacation

“A mission trip is just a vacation that someone else pays for.” Lots of mission trip critics say this, and they’re right. Sometimes. At first glance mission trips and vacations do look pretty similar. They both involve taking time off from school or work, traveling to a new place, and taking lots of pictures.

However, if you’re really going on a mission trip, there will always be one huge difference. The difference is your purpose.

However, if you're really going on a mission trip, there will always be one huge difference. 

The difference is your purpose.

Self-centered vs. Selfless

The purpose of a vacation is to maximize your own personal enjoyment, relaxation, and pleasure. It's a trip that's all about you. It's self-centered.

On the other hand, the purpose of a mission trip is to maximize the name of Jesus by serving others. It's a trip that's all about others. It's selfless.

When a mission trip turns into a vacation

Can a mission trip turn into a vacation? Yes, if you're not being intentional.

What are your motives and reasons for going? To snap some cool pictures, get to know a cute guy or girl, or travel to an exotic place? If this is where your motives start and end, you're not honestly on a mission trip; you're more on a vacation because you're only focusing on yourself (self-centered).

What's your motivation?

Since we're all naturally self-centered, we need to be intentional about having selfless motives. It's not bad or wrong to take pictures, have fun with your teammates, or enjoy traveling. However, you don't want one of those to be your primary motivations during your trip. Motives turn into actions. So, if taking pictures is your primary motive, it'll be your primary action all throughout your mission trip.

On the other hand, if you're intentional about having motives like serving others, digging wells, or sharing God's love with children, then these will be the motives that turn into actions on your mission trip.

Think about it

Which way is your trip leaning? The mission trip side or the vacation side? The selfless side or the self-centered side?

No trip is perfect, and we all struggle with self-centered motives. However, if we're striving to be better reflections of Jesus, we need to be moving in a selfless direction. Jesus was rarely focused on getting great selfies during His trips.

Why do birds choose to stay in the same place

Why do birds choose to stay in the same place

I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then if ask myself the same question.
— Harun Yahya

 Sometimes we forget that we were created to fly.

We forget we are created to seek. We forget that we are created for a lot of things that we never get around to doing. 

Why is that?

It could be our comfort, our Fear, or even Lack of faith. Whatever the reason, we allow it to ground an incredible creature designed for so much more. 

Don't let your ability to fly be exchanged for something else.  

Stretch your wings and fly. 


Connect Global Missions Trip Tips: 5 Packing Hacks for Toiletries

Connect Global Missions Trip Tips: 5 Packing Hacks for Toiletries

Connect Global Missions

Trip Tips

Packing Hacks for Toiletries - from our friends at Volunteer Card

Traveling abroad is fun and packing should be efficient and effective. Packing too much or packing too little can adversely affect your overall trip success. From time to time we come across helpful tips from our experience or the experience of others that we think you will find helpful.

Let us know what other packing hacks you have come up with in the comments below.

Mark Your Calendars, Join Connect Global for a Mission Trip

Mark Your Calendars, Join Connect Global for a Mission Trip

Mark Your Calendars for a Connect Global Mission Trip

We have released the schedule of this year’s Mission Trips and we want you to join us!

If this is your first time to join Connect Global on a mission trip, we welcome you. You will enjoy your time serving alongside some very dedicated and hardworking individuals. 

You can Find our Trip Schedule and Mission Trip Application below.

 Please invite your friends as well. 


Honduras: Culture

Honduras: Culture


The people of Honduras are very welcoming and hospitable.  Their culture is very open, and it's not uncommon to be invited (especially if you're on a mission trip there) into their home to relax and visit.  The people of Honduras appreciate when Americans come to the country.    

Firsthand Experience Quote: 

"Since the vast majority of Americans who go to Honduras are going to help improve the Hondurans' quality of life, the people are open and receptive to just about anyone coming from the U.S. This gives Americans a golden opportunity for evangelism and opportunities for discipleship."

Read More at Prepare My Mission 

2018 Mission Trip Announcement from Connect Global

2018 Mission Trip Announcement from Connect Global

We are very excited about the next round of Connect Global Mission Trips for 2018. 

At Connect Global we love taking both new and repeat team members on trips to Honduras and other locations.

Something special always takes place when a group of people from different places, and backgrounds all rally around the unified goal of serving others. 

A Mission Trip is not easy, but we do have fun.

Through sweat, tears, and laughter we take a small group of people and make a huge difference in the lives of those needing a hand up! 

We hope you will go with us in 2018 and jump into missions with both feet! 

The Connect Global Mission Trips are listed here, and you can get more information by clicking the boxes below!