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We will be traveling to Cuba

We will be traveling to Cuba

Travis and I will be joining a group from Texas, and Florida to travel to Cuba for a week.

We are partnering with Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness, a global prison ministry with over 38 years of visiting some of the baddest prisons in the world. Their founder, Johnny Moffitt, has invited us along on this, his third trip, to help lead, and document the wonderful work they have been involved with. 

Encouraging and Teaching church leaders and volunteers to continue serving the nation of Cuba and to share vision and hope for the future

We are going to be a part of the impact that is already underway through the teaching and training of some of Cuba's greatest volunteers. Helping to encourage leaders and also learn from their service will be a great joy for us. 

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week and next while we travel to Cuba amidst newly restored Cuban relations and our own U.S. Presidential election.

Please keep our families back in Texas and Florida in your prayers as well. 

Thank You! 

Javier Mendoza

Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant

 Cardiac Transplantation: The replacement of a patient's diseased or injured heart with a healthy donor heart.

Think for a moment about the monumental process of removing a person's heart.  Taking what may be the single most important organ in a person's body out because it is not functioning properly.  Assessing the current level of damage as being so great that there is no other course of action but full removal.

Then think for a moment about the cost of the donor.  One must die so that another person may live.  The donor does not receive a new heart.  Their heart is, however, healthy enough for the new recipient.  The donor's gift in death becomes life for someone else.

I think this physical example is not unlike the emotional and spiritual journey of a mission trip.  Someone gives of their life so that another may receive life or hope or food or clothes or comfort or ...

A few weeks ago Gina, Noah and I stood at the Hedman Alas bus station in La Ceiba, Honduras waiting for our heart recipients to arrive.  A group of 6 young ladies whom we had never met, but already loved.  Little did we know that our hearts would be extracted over the next month and placed in each one of them.

It was already dark, and still 85 degrees, by the time they arrived.  Gretchen, Hannah, Ryan, Kate, Brittany and Amber came pouring out of the bus with another half dozen Americans.  They were tired from a long day of travel and weighed down with their huge backpacks.  We were their 11th country on their WorldRace.  Their 11th host.  Their 11th ministry stop.  Just one more location on their journey home?  Maybe we could be more.

A few greetings with our new family of strangers and we were off to get them settled into their sleeping quarters and then dinner.  Over the next month we visited orphanages, hospitals, police stations, churches, schools and feeding centers.  We laughed together.  We cried together.  We prayed for the sick and fed the hungry together.  And in all of these activities and meals and conversations, our hearts were slowly excised.  Piece by piece this cardiac transplantation took place.

We heard the stories of their visits to other countries.  We heard their family histories back in the US.  We got to know their brothers and sisters through pictures and tales of family Christmas and sorrow and joy.  They hugged my wife.  They played Uno with my son.  They have our hearts.


And I'm forever grateful for it.

Cardiac Transplantation occurs when the patient's heart is too sick or injured to continue pumping.  It's often times the last chance for the heart recipient.  And the final gift of the heart donor.  Each of us on this earth experience the impact of life.  Our hearts grow.  We receive love and betrayal.  We experience joy and sorrow.  Our hearts gain strength and sometimes, often times, our hearts get sick.  Our hearts become bitter by betrayal.  Our hearts become sour by sorrow.  Our hearts become timid by trials.  And we begin to die.  We need a new heart.

In the book of Ezekial chapter 36, verse 26, God makes an incredible promise to us.  He says, "I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."  God Himself describes the first heart transplant.  He promises that He will not leave us in a sick and injured condition of cardiac arrest.  But that He will become our ultimate heart donor and give us life.


As Gina, Noah and I poured out our own hearts into our team, I could feel the Spirit of God filling us with a new heart; filling us with His heart.  I could feel His love for people growing inside of us.  I could feel my own bitterness and sorrow and fear leaving as His grace and joy and boldness came flooding in.  I could feel my heart of stone being removed and His heart of flesh was carefully sewn in and began pumping new life.

This supernatural cardiac transplantation is indeed a miracle.  Yet it occurs through the very practical action of "Love Your Neighbor".  It first requires the extraction; the emptying of self; the giving of your own heart.  When we are empty, then we are ready to receive His new heart.


We met our team prepared to give to them.  We were there to be the heart donors, and indeed we poured our hearts into them.  But in so doing, we became the recipients.  We became the patients getting the new heart of flesh.  Thank you team #kylo for the month you gave us and thank you God for you have given me life.

Travis Moffitt

In April of 2016, Connect Global hosted a team from the World Race in La Ceiba, Honduras as a part of our ongoing initiative, Connected Community. At Connect Global we are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus to share the Gospel with the whole world through collaborative and sustainable efforts. You can join us in these efforts through financial partnership and/or trip participation.

Update from La Ceiba

Update from La Ceiba

We came across this inscription on a door while serving at the Comedor de Jesus Cristo. Cristo vive translates to Christ lives. In just a few short days our team has served the poorest and homeless community, blessed the local police, encouraged workers at the hospital and Children's Cancer Foundation, prayed for children in the hospital and put smiles on the faces of many kids in need at a local preschool and orphange. Truly Christ lives inside of each member of this amazing team.


-Travis Moffitt


Preparing for the Arrival of the World Race Team

Preparing for the Arrival of the World Race Team

Preparing for the arrival of the World Race Team

This past weekend, Travis, Gina and Noah Moffitt began a one month stay in Honduras to host a team of World Racers and to continue the work that Connect Global has established in the city of La Ceiba. 

Danielle, Saige and My self spent 2015 living in La Ceiba establishing some really great relationships and working hard at creating some really engaging and sustainable projects with several locally run organizations. 

This month our Co Founders will continue in the work aided by a special group of traveling missionaries. The World Race is an 11 month journey that takes participants through 11 different countries, and pairs them up with organizations like ours who are making a great impact in order to support and increase their effectiveness. 

This month our team will participate in many outreaches that we have designed to be very locally impactful as well as augment our long term goals of equipping and empowering local ministries to continue reaching their community through sustainable programs. 

Over the past couple of days, our team, CCI Church La Ceiba, and several other individual volunteers, gave of their time, resources, and energy setting up a comfortable and clean place for these World Racers to Stay while they are with us in La Ceiba.

By utilizing the church rooms as dorms the team, as well as our staff, can spend a greater percentage of all fundraising efforts towards the projects that really matter. This helps us maintain a very high level of support directed towards the community. 

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our team. This month will be a wonderful time of community outreach and personal growth. Pray for safety, energy, and increase of relational depth in La Ceiba. 

Thank You

Javier Mendoza,

Connect Global Co Founder

Why Honduras - Price

Why Honduras - Price

This is from a blog series by Travis Moffitt entitled "Why Honduras". Travis Moffitt is Co Founder, President, and CEO of Connect Global. 


Price: $1800 + A changed Life

Over the last ten years I have had great opportunities to both lead and attend numerous short- term mission trips. Each with their own specific purpose, style, location and price. I've been a part of mission trips going to locations with the US borders and as far out as Western Europe. With projects ranging from VBS events, to construction projects, to medical relief. And with price tags from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Variety iIs certainly the name of the game when it comes to short-term mission trips.

Repeatedly I have found myself in the great nation of Honduras. For many reasons I have found this location to be an excellent destination for short-term trips. One such advantage is simply the trip price. At Connect Global we offer a 6 day missional adventure for the low price of $1800 + Your Life.

Let's break that down. $1800 covers your international airfare from your preferred US airport, all ground transportation, lodging, food and trip insurance. Comparatively, that's a pretty low cost threshold when it comes to a short-term mission trip.

The "Changed Life" cost calculates a little differently. At Connect Global we are very intentional about engaging each team member at a heart level. We do not hide the reality that a short-term mission trip is more than an international visit. I can promise you that through a trip of this nature your heart will be stretched and opened up to a whole new world. While we will bring you home alive and well, we will also return you to your family and friends as an entirely new person. The life perspective you once had will be all together exchanged for a new, missional world-view.

A recent study by the research organization, Barna Group, reports that 75% of short-term mission trip team members state that the trip "changed their life in some way." ( 7Zn7L8) Many of our experiences have some impact on us but very few could actually be described as "life-changing." Yet that is the most common description of a short-term mission trip.

We believe this equates to an enormous cost with an even greater return. The exchange of the old for the gift of the new. Life, that is. While most of us would say that our lives are great, imagine the fulfillment of an even great life. A change in a more positive direction. Greater clarity of purpose. More awareness of others. A enlarged perspective of the world around you. More sensitivity to the struggle of others and clearer perspective of your ability to actually lessen those struggles.

At Connect Global we say it this way: GO | SERVE | CHANGE.
As you go and serve someone else. Your life, as well as their's, is changed forever.

Our next international journey to Honduras is in April 2015. You can join us for the low cost $1800 + Your Life and receive the incredible life changing benefits. Find out more and sign up at 


The label "life-changing" is pasted on many things, but the description fits most short-term service trips. Only one-quarter of those who have participated on such a trip said it was "just an experience," while a majority said it changed their life in some way. The most common areas of personal growth that people recall - even years later - include becoming more aware of other people’s struggles (25%), learning more about poverty, justice, or the world (16%), increasing compassion (11%), deepening or enriching their faith (9%), broadening their spiritual understanding (9%), and boosting their financial generosity (5%). Others mentioned the experience helped them feel more fulfilled, become more grateful, develop new friends, and pray more. Source: Barna Group 

Why Honduras - Proximity

Why Honduras - Proximity


This is from a blog series by Travis Moffitt entitled "Why Honduras". Travis Moffitt is Co Founder, President, and CEO of Connect Global. 

Honduras is Approx 882 miles away from our Home in Tampa Florida

I talk to people all the time about taking a mission trip to a foreign country.  So many will describe to me their desire for such an adventure followed by all the reasons that it's simply impossible for them.  I think over the years I've heard every reason to take a mission trip and every excuse not to. 

For many there is a concern of proximity.  Often times a mission trip can take 10 days or more to complete.  While international travel has become a regular part of modern life, many global destination are simply a long way off.  Jet lag, time away from family, from work, from personal responsibilities can become a very real and insurmountable obstacle to missions.  

While Jesus asks us to go the "uttermost parts of the earth" he also asks us to go to Samaria.  In the text Samaria represents foreign lands that are near by.  We need not neglect the parts of the world that or simply hard to get to because they are far away.  Just as we should not forget to reach out to foreign lands simply because they are "next door".

The city of La Ceiba, Honduras is only 882 short miles from Tampa, FL.  While that's certainly more than a "one tank trip" it's a lot closer than many other missional destinations.  Our upcoming trip to La Ceiba in April 2015 will take you away from home for only 6 days.  6 days!

At Connect Global we are committed to impact the city of La Ceiba through sustainable efforts for years to come. We would be honored if you would join us.

Amazing that you can avoid the jet lag, skip the over-full inbox upon return, by pass the family/work/responsibility neglect and still change a life. (Insert sarcastic tone of voice.)  Seriously, while distance should not be a primary factor in selecting a missional destination; or taking a mission trip at all, proximity can certainly make a difference.

The reality is that within just a few hours and by giving up a few days you can take a mission trip that will radically change your life and the life of your Honduran neighbor.  At Connect Global we are committed to impact the city of La Ceiba through sustainable efforts for years to come.  We would be honored if you would join us.  

You can learn more about our ongoing efforts in La Ceiba and even sign up for a trip by Clicking the Learn More Button.

 Our next visit to La Ceiba will be April 6-11, 2015.  We are receiving applications right now.  We look forward to making our next trip with you. 

Living Sacrifice

Living Sacrifice

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.
— Romans 12:1 NIV

We drove until the wheel actually fell off. 

We drove until the wheel actually fell off. 

I recently spent a week in Honduras working with some very dear friends.  On our second day I had the opportunity to drive for several hours with Pastor Nahun Flores.  His truck was having some trouble and we needed to take it to the service station three hours away.  We had a great time traveling and talking about life, family and ministry.  During the ride I shared with him a worship song that has been very touching and encouraging to me.  It's a great song of worship to God.  I listen to it every day. 

Once we arrived at the service station we discovered a few extra items on his truck that needed repair.  Fortunately we were able to get all the expected and unexpected items taken care of for him.  When we left we had exceeded his expectations and he was blessed.  I know because he told me so. !

Pastor Nahun Flores offering his gift of worship and his love for one another to children in Trujillo Honduras.

Pastor Nahun Flores offering his gift of worship and his love for one another to children in Trujillo Honduras.

So which part of the day was worship?

Like most people I know, I love worship music.  I love the feeling of an outstanding team hitting that right chord, that perfect key transition, powering out that awesome chorus.  Like most people I know, I literally get goose bumps when the music is just right.  The song I played for my friend brings me to tears almost every time I hear it.  I love to experience worship music. 

But the faith Jesus calls us to, is about more than an experience.  Life with the Christ is not as much about what I can experience from Him as it is about what I can become with Him. 

The excerpt from the book of Romans says that my life can be lived out as a sacrifice of worship to God.  It's amazing that my simple, seemingly small life can be worship to the God of the universe. 

Don't get me wrong, it feels a lot better to sing out a great worship ballad then it does to pay for car repairs.  So, at times, true worship feels more like work, or ... sacrifice. 

I believe that our Father in Heaven loves to hear us sing to Him.  And I believe even more that He loves for us to serve His greatest creation, our fellow man.  He has been so kind to us.  Let us each then make sure we worship Him purely by our kindness, our sacrifice, our life lived out for the care of others.