Will you still follow if you can't see the next step? 


Many times we are hit with something that challenges our faith and calls into question our own security in the plans we have for ourselves. 

We can't tell the future and we certainly can't control it, so more often than not we must make decisions without all the questions answered.

We must take a step without seeing where our foot will land. 

A lot of people who have interest in our trips feel this way. How will I get the time off from work? How will I raise the money needed to Go? These questions are valid, but they may not be immediately answered before you say YES to a trip, fill out the application or before you publically tell someone close to you that you are considering going!

You may have to take a step of faith before you can see the end result. 

If you are struggling with deciding to Sign Up for a mission trip, please don't hesitate. Take a step of faith, fill out the application and see if your questions begin to get answered.

I bet you will be pleasantly surprised at how "easy" everything comes into sight. 

God will often not show you what He plans to do until you do what He’s asked you to do. That’s called faith
— Tony Evans