In 2016 Connect Global partnered with the Community Water District in El Tamarindo to support a plan to give water to the residents of this remote and very water insecure town. In August of 2018, Connect Global helped complete the third phase of this current plan to bring water to 2 communities near the original well that was dug. In August 2019 we plan to complete another clean water project in this area. Thank You for your support. 

Access to Water around the world is a problem

More than 600 million people still lack ready access to improved sources of drinking water.

Connect Global shares the message of Jesus through collaborative and sustainable solutions to needs around the world. One of the ways we complete this is through clean water projects. We decided to partner with the community run, Water Management District, in Valle, Honduras to come up with a sustainable solution for not only the well but a supply chain to provide water directly to each resident in a sustainable way.

Connect Global has chosen to be a part of the solution

We also hosted a team in Altos De Estiquirin in August 2018 to do work on an existing well and make connections so that each of their residents will have access to clean water. 

Our Next Water Project will be in San Lorenzo in late summer of 2019. You can come with us and help bring clean water to a community in Need!

How You can Help provide clean water to this town in Honduras

We are raising $5000 to complete this project and we need your help. Whether you can give $5 or $50 every penny counts. You can literally save lives by helping us. Clean Water can equal improvements in education, income and overall health.

In addition to clean water, our team has been able to help a local school get a kick-start to the new school year, and we also poured several new Concrete floors which will help several families by keeping the elements out of their homes.