We are very excited to share with you a fantastic update from Honduras. 

As you may remember, we began raising funds to assist a community in Honduras to drill a new water well in their town around December of 2016. 

Many people, organizations, and churches have given towards this effort, and over the Christmas Holiday, we received the amount needed to begin making this Water Well a reality.

One of our Partners in Honduras, Jorge Amador, has been helping us coordinate with the community, hire local drilling professionals, as well as provide oversight to the project. 

The drilling was initiated on Monday, January 23, and we could not be happier to report that the well was completed. The partners in Honduras also contracted the drilling team to go to a nearby town and drill a second well. 

Over the last year, along with our Honduran partners, we developed a plan to help this second town, Estiquirin, get their well completed and water to every resident. 

In August 2018, Our Team along with a team from House of Grace church in Georgia will be there to see the completion of this project. This is a big project and will cost about $4,000. We have already received $1,000 towards the goal and invite you to invest in the long-term benefits of clean and healthy drinking water for this community of Estiquirin, Honduras. 

Please continue to pray with us as this project proceeds and we wait to see this Clean Water Project be completed!  

Together we will not only provide clean water to this town but also a restored faith in Jesus because of answered prayers. Thank You.  

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