One of the World Race Team Members, Stephanie, Shared the below commentary after their visit to the Comedor JesuCristo In La Ceiba, Honduras. This is a great example of how God works through our teams in unique and powerful ways. Find out more about our Connect Global Mission Trips and Consider coming with us next time! 


Meet Jośe Antonio Martinez Atunez. An eighty year old homeless man I met yesterday. We went to a church that serves three meals times a day to 150-300 people. The church was known as the "church with no walls" because it is open 24 hours and a pastor is always there to pray or disciple someone. It was such a blessing to serve these (mostly) men and not only feed them physically but spiritually as well from the testimonies that were shared. It also made me even more passionate about going home, getting more involved, and chasing after the dream God has prepared for me.

When I first saw Jośe for some reason he reminded me of an older version of my father. Then it reminded me of how just last week the Lord walked me thru what TRUE forgiveness looked like with not only him but many other people in my life. Read my blog to find out more about how God rocked my world once again and gave me thoughts I NEVER in my wildest dreams could have seen coming.