Coffee is loved around the world.


 Coffee is a way of life. It is as universal as a smile. Coffee is enjoyed with ice, over milk, with sugar and is good enough to have all by itself.

Did You know Coffee can change lives?

Connect Global has partnered up with ZEAL Roasters in Florida to offer a unique way to leverage this wonderful beverage for the good of people all around the world.

Coffee Detail Connect Global .jpg

How Connect Global is changing the world by changing your coffee. 

We have created for you two unique blends of coffee, including an Organic blend, that when brewed in place of other mainstream coffees will provide sustainable solutions in South America, Honduras, & Haiti. 

By replacing your current coffee selection at your church, or office; 20% of your coffee purchase will go directly to fund a specific project.

If you are ready to start changing the world with Coffee, click a button below to send us a message and let us personally swap your coffee this week. (Available in Tampa Bay Area).