What is Connected Community


Connected Community is a relationship based initiative for reaching an entire community in a sustainable, and duplicatable way.

The Connected Community initiative includes partnership with 4 individual community institutions:


Local Church

We see churches as one of the best ways to reach a community in determining longterm needs, and providing basic spiritual development for individuals within each community. 

Children's Home

Children’s Homes are the community’s rescue vehicle for the marginalized, and forgotten generation. They provide shelter, love, as well a foundation for a future. We partner with the homes who have done the most good to restore dignity and compassion into the children they have rescued. 


Local Business

Locally and Nationally owned businesses are key to reaching a community because of their need for skilled workers, as well as their influence over trends in fiscal growth within a geographical location. We partner with business owners who leverage their business for changing lives within their communities. 

Local School

Education is one of the most sustainable institutions we can invest in. Access to high quality, committed educators provide students opportunity to change not only themselves but entire generations .

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

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A Connected Community must be native to bring about lasting change. While Connect Global commits to provide, training, skills, strategy, and support, it is our longterm intention to find and equip local leaders to continue the work established though each part of this initiative. 
In order to maintain a high level of success our program includes a foundation of nurturing others in spirit, soul and body. Operating at a high level of success will require each leader to take time to recharge physically & spiritually, and we create opportunity to do both. 

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