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Travis Will be teaching at ReBuild Worship & Leadership Conference


Having trained and educated almost 50,000 students since 1970 and having released 34 live worship recordings under the creative leadership of 19 worship leaders since 1974, you can only imagine the rich history, diverse knowledge and anointed legacy on the subject of worship and leadership development at Christ For The Nations that has impacted and inspired millions around the world in a passionate pursuit of God. If any school or organization has something to say on the topic of worship and leadership, it would definitely be Christ For The Nations.

This is why we are thrilled to invite you to register for Christ For The Nations’ upcoming CFN Worship and Leadership Conference, so that we may impart all that God has blessed us with. It will be a new and exciting time on campus, because we have revamped and relaunched what we do best. During this time you will be encouraged, empowered and equipped with insightful teachings from renowned speakers on leadership and Praise and Worship that will ignite your passion again and rekindle your heart to rebuild and restore your dreams in new and exciting ways. 


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