First Responders Mission Trip


Officer Family Outreach

April 25-May 2, 2018 - La Ceiba, Honduras - $2,100

Emergency Medical Training + CPR

July 14-22, 2018 - La Ceiba, Honduras - $2,100

The Department Leadership in La Ceiba has mentioned the need for their officers to receive adequate and ongoing Trauma Training for their officers and staff. Their job is a dangerous one in which sometimes basic first aid and proper trauma training can be the difference for an officer making it home at the end of his or her tour. Connect Global along with several First Responders here in The US have decided to help by bringing training and gear to the Police Department of La Ceiba Honduras. If you are trained in CPR, or work as a Firefighter, EMT, or other similar field, please fill out the Trip Application or email Javier Mendoza for more info. 

Donate towards this trip by purchasing this Trauma Control Kit.

You can mail to PO Box 47381 Tampa, FL 33646