Cusuna has been called the “Center of the Garifuna World.” The Garifuna are a people group with troubling beginnings, a challenging history, and a bright future. Descendants of Black Caribs and West Africans, the Garifuna now populate the northern coast of Honduras and the East side of Guatemala. In Honduras, the Garifuna are a minority group, not well respected by the government. Thus the lack of electricity and many other basic social services normally provided to a nation’s citizens.

About 15 years ago an elderly missionary name Rev. Ard visited Cusuna for the first time. For many Garifuna, he was the first white man they had ever seen. At first he was viewed with great skepticism. After building a medical clinic to serve the people, he was welcomed into the community. Eventually a church was built and then a feeding center for children.

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Center of the Garifuna World

Cusuna has been called the “Center of the Garifuna World.”

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Connect Global, as a member of the Cusuna Coalition,  has answered the call to Go into Honduras, Serve the Garifuna People, and positively Change the future of Cusuna and neighboring villages.