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Cusuna Honduras is on the northern coast approximately 6-8 hours from the airport and about 4 hours from the nearest large town. This prevents most of the residents from finding meaningful, life changing employment. It also creates a need for basics like proper healthcare, and electricity. Without some of these basics it is nearly impossible to improve situations. 


Connect Global is working with several partners to map out a sustainable plan to empower the residents of Cusuna, and create positive progress towards lasting change for generations to come. Click to Tweet

The current plan includes a renewable source of protein and healthy, leafy vegetation through Aquaponics, a strategy for building a community co-op of farmers, as well as a new source for potential employment for the village residents.  

A Simple Request


The greatest community needs in Cusuna today are the need for good nutrition and care for numerous orphaned children. In the past we have seen 4 out of 5 children daily go without protein in their diet. This causes serious growth deficiencies. We have also seen seven and eight year old children carrying their younger siblings to church and around the village.

We have been working on installing sustainable, aquaponic food production systems in order to serve the communities as hubs of information and accessibility to a renewable food source. 

A few years ago, Travis and Gina Moffitt sat in Pastor Nahun and Edeña’s home sharing our love and appreciation for one another. Edeña, usually quiet in group settings, shared these words through her tears, “Please don’t forget to come back.” I will never forget her heart-felt plea. Connect Global is committed to seeing these plans become a reality.

We are committed to answering Edeña’s request.

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Center of the Garifuna World

Cusuna has been called the “Center of the Garifuna World.”