What We Do

We Lead Trips

Everything we do starts with a location. It could be someplace close to home, or a city that is 1000 miles away.

We take trips to places where our friends live. Where we can create or help promote a sustainable, life improving project.

Each location displays tangible need, a track record of ongoing success, and an evident motivation from the next generation. 

We Build Hope

Sustainable projects are anything that will produce results to meet a tangible need with resources left over to produce a new project with out ongoing, outside support.

Our current projects are based around Aquaponics, a sustainable food producing system, Supporting International Business Leaders, Investing in Education and Educators, Partnering with organizations centered around Health and well-being and other causes that sustain life.  

We Sponsor Success

We sponsor motivated, successful Pastors, Missionaries, Students, & many others in their pursuit of global impact. 

It takes many different minds, hearts, and motivations to make a lasting difference in this world. We love seeing Good happen and invite you to Help us sponsor Success around the world.