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Connect global is partnering with the dambach family to support Ponce and other communities in Puerto Rico.

Here is their story:

For six days we did not hear from our brother. He built a car detailing business 20 years ago in his wife's hometown of Ponce. They have lived through many hurricanes since. But this one is different.


The devastation is real. Two major hurricanes in one season is unprecedented. No power for a minimum of five months. Two-thirds of the country is without running water. The major roadways are closed. Just one airport is open with limited flights for emergencies.

Dave, Marga, and Julian

Dave's family got lucky, their house was not damaged. Others around them are still suffering.

Many have asked how they can help. With limited access to freight deliveries due to impassable roadways and no flights, the best way to give at this time is to donate online.

100% of your donation will go directly to the communities in Puerto Rico. (We have donors to help cover Credit Card Fees) Your donation is tax deductible. 


We're here to help those in need by sending support, supplies and teams.

If you are interested in joining a mission trip when flights to the country have been restored, please add your name & email below.




Hi I am at an army center to let you know we are alive and ok. Hurricane Maria was a F 5 hurricane that past my house at 155mpr. My house is fine. Ponce and PR is a disaster no power for at least 5 months…We love you all.. I will talk to you when I can..Over an out!! My five minutes is over!
— David Dambach, 20 year resident, from his Facebook message 6 days after storm