Culture Shock

Culture Shock


Culture Shock has been defined as the normal response to unfamiliar social and emotional cues. Each of us will experience Culture Shock as we travel to a new country. Even the most experienced traveler can have these responses to the new social cues of the "host" country. The key to dealing with Culture Shock is not denial or avoidance but in understanding and navigating.

Culture Shock comes in Phases:

1) Honeymoon: This is the phase where team members fall in love with the host country. The grass seems greener, the sky seems bluer. We recommend you thoroughly enjoy this phase, just refrain from any life changing decisions.

2) Break-up: In this phase folks tend to want to find the fastest way out of the host country. You've lost that "loving feeling", and everything seems way too foreign and frustration comes more quickly. During the "break up" it's important to share your frustrations with the team in a safe environment, and remember that this phase will pass.

3) Understanding: Understanding begins to settle in your mind as some of the foreign behavior of the host culture becomes familiar. You will start to recognize and even understand more of these new social cues. Take the mindset of a student and you will gain a new comfort even faster.

4) Acceptance: In this phase, you will begin to accept the wonderful differences between your home and host cultures. Culture becomes more clear and you can begin to see strengths in both. Resentment for either culture fades as you enjoy and accept these differences.


Culture Shock is cyclical, which means each phase will come around again.

You may likely process through this entire cycle several times on your trip. Experiencing Culture Shock with a team, and openly sharing your experiences is the best way to process through Culture Shock. We are very experienced travel hosts, and familiar with everything you will experience on your trip. We will help you navigate Culture Shock and keep everyone focused on the mission. 


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Team Work

Team Work

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
— Henry Ford

The Value of Teamwork

We realize that teamwork is one of the most important aspects of what we do and take it very seriously. We have made it our first priority to create the best team environment possible.


Please know that we value You for the well skilled and gifted individual that you are and do not take your presence on this team for granted.

We also know that, together, we can be greater than the sum total of our parts as individuals. We take great pride in the way our teams spend their week and how we treat each other along the way. Please remember to be courteous and selfless as we experience our trip. Lend a hand when you can and ask for a hand when you need one. We are all in this together

Thank You for being a part of this mission with us and for your hard work this far. We will have an amazing time and I can't wait to see you on the mission field. 

I will be sending out detailed info on the what and why of our trip plans as we get closer to departure. Prepare to be physical, outdoors, and flexible. Even the best laid plans have a way of evolving in the context of a mission trip in a developing nation. Your patience and flexibility is much appreciated! 

Javier Mendoza



We have decided that our trips would not just be expeditions for travel sake, instead each would become a vehicle to lasting and positive change. Our purpose is to make bad situations better, good circumstances great and to promote people who have been marginalized in life.
— Javier Mendoza

Travel Lightly


We are traveling for the journey as much as we are the destination within the context of making a sustainable difference in the lives we reach out to. We want to start by making sure that our focus is on the objective and not so much on our fashion. 

The main dress should be comfortable and cool. Our destination can be very hot during the day (no AC) and sometimes very rainy (tropical rain all day). 

For Church don't worry about impressing anyone. Clean, casual clothes are perfect. 

For most other times, walking around town or while at the various ministry locations please dress modest, and comfortable. We will all be in close quarters and we want to all be comfy and mindful of our hosts and team members. 

Open toe shoes/sandals are ok for the majority of trip, but please be mindful of the fact that we may be visiting worksites, and may be walking on dirt roads so it may be of benefit to you to also pack tennis shoes or similar footwear. 

Please Make Sure all of your belongings fit into ONE Checked Bag and ONE Carry On, please refer to respective airline regulations for questions concerning weight and dimensions. 

AmericanAirlines Baggage Site

Delta Airlines Baggage Site

What Can I Bring? TSA Website >>>

***It's a great idea to pack a change of clothes in your carry-on.***




Below is a very basic packing list that may be used as a guide to help you pack lightly, and efficiently. 


Clean, Lightweight Shirts/Tops

Jeans, Shorts, Capris or other lightweight bottoms

Socks, Undergarments

Lightweight Rain Jacket is optional, (Check forecast)



Hat for sun coverage


Bug Spray


Charger, (Honduras uses Same outlets as U.S.)

Portable Battery Charging Powerbank 

Journal, Bible, Pen

Reusable Water Bottle, (Must Be Empty when going through security)

Personal Medications/ Prescriptions (OTC Pain, stomach, are the most needed)

Cash for souvenirs, offerings, or food & drinks that are outside of team meals. 




Welcome to the Team

Welcome to the Team


La Ceiba, Honduras

We are so excited you have decided to join Connect Global on our next amazing adventure to La Ceiba, HN.  I can assure you this will be a life changing opportunity.  You will meet new friends, experience a new culture and make lasting memories.  Above all you will make a deep impact in the lives of many people; and those same people will deeply impact you. 

We have traveled to La Ceiba many times and each trip is unique and different.  Your participation will bring a one-of-a kind dynamic that will truly make this trip special.

As we begin to make final preparations for our journey I want you all to begin thinking about a few practical things like packing and flight schedules. 

Flight Info

Connect Global Flight to Haiti.jpg

We will be sending out specific flight info via your email once all arrangements have been made. We will discuss specific points at which we will meet up and how travel will be completed together. 

Here's a few logistics:

We will book your airline travel.  We will let you know closer to the trip specific departure and arrival times.  We will book your flight from your closest major airport. 

We need Passport Photos emailed from each team member, if you have not done so already. Thank You. 

The schedule for when trip funds are due is:
50% due 60 days prior to trip
100% due no later than 30 days prior to trip

You or your sponsors can mail funds to us or make donations via our web site.

Each sponsor/donor will be mailed a tax deductible receipt. 


All personal luggage may not exceed: your one (1) Checked bag and your One (1) small Carry on/Personal item. For donated items and other "team" designated luggage, please make sure to confirm space and money for extra bags is allocated. 

Thanks, More info on Packing Here.

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