We have decided that our trips would not just be expeditions for travel sake, instead each would become a vehicle to lasting and positive change. Our purpose is to make bad situations better, good circumstances great and to promote people who have been marginalized in life.
— Javier Mendoza

Travel Lightly


We are traveling for the journey as much as we are the destination within the context of making a sustainable difference in the lives we reach out to. We want to start by making sure that our focus is on the objective and not so much on our fashion. 

The main dress should be comfortable and cool. Our destination can be very hot during the day (no AC) and sometimes very rainy (tropical rain all day). 

For Church don't worry about impressing anyone. Clean, casual clothes are perfect. 

For most other times, walking around town or while at the various ministry locations please dress modest, and comfortable. We will all be in close quarters and we want to all be comfy and mindful of our hosts and team members. 

Open toe shoes/sandals are ok for the majority of trip, but please be mindful of the fact that we may be visiting worksites, and may be walking on dirt roads so it may be of benefit to you to also pack tennis shoes or similar footwear. 

Please Make Sure all of your belongings fit into ONE Checked Bag and ONE Carry On, please refer to respective airline regulations for questions concerning weight and dimensions. 

AmericanAirlines Baggage Site

Delta Airlines Baggage Site

What Can I Bring? TSA Website >>>

***It's a great idea to pack a change of clothes in your carry-on.***




Below is a very basic packing list that may be used as a guide to help you pack lightly, and efficiently. 


Clean, Lightweight Shirts/Tops

Jeans, Shorts, Capris or other lightweight bottoms

Socks, Undergarments

Lightweight Rain Jacket is optional, (Check forecast)



Hat for sun coverage


Bug Spray


Charger, (Honduras uses Same outlets as U.S.)

Portable Battery Charging Powerbank 

Journal, Bible, Pen

Reusable Water Bottle, (Must Be Empty when going through security)

Personal Medications/ Prescriptions (OTC Pain, stomach, are the most needed)

Cash for souvenirs, offerings, or food & drinks that are outside of team meals.