Then he said, “Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all.
— Mark 16:15 MSG

Jesus' words were both clear and inviting.  I appreciate how Jesus makes His will plain while extending the offer to us.

He says, "GO!"  It doesn't get much clearer than that.  Jesus makes it clear that there is movement in His will.  That we, as His disciples, must move from where we are to where He wants us to be.  He draws us in, fills us up and then sends us out.

All the while, He is inviting us into this amazing adventure.  What a journey it is to GO with the Message of the Best Good News in all of creation.  The Message that Jesus saves.  The Message that we can all be Blessed to Be a Blessing to the whole world.  What an amazing invitation.

At Connect Global we have heard the invitation and continue to answer that call every day.  For the last 4.5 years we have traveled to several foreign nations as well as local congregations to share the Message of God's good news.  We have shared the Gospel in word and deed.  We are honored that many of you have made this journey with us as financial partners, traveling team members and faithful prayer warriors.

Today we have a special announcement.  Gina, Noah and I will be embarking on a month-long journey to Honduras.  We will be leaving in just a few short days.  We are so excited for Connect Global and for our family.  This will be Noah's second trip to Honduras and our family's longest mission trip to date.

In 2015, Javier, Danielle and Saige Mendoza spent a year in La Ceiba, Honduras pioneering our Connected Community Initiative.  Now Gina, Noah and I will further this initiative by hosting a team of World Racers from Adventures In Missions.  We will continue our partnerships with the Foundation For Honduran Children with Cancer, CCI Church, Comedor Jesus Cristo and the local police department.  We will also be finalizing plans and making arrangements for a city-wide missions conference in June as well as a women's conference and marketplace leaders conference in August.

We can hardly wait to get there.  Yesterday Noah said, "I wish we were leaving for Honduras tomorrow."  What a joy to see our children so engaged in the work of the Great Commission.  Noah, who will turn 7 years old later this year, has already begun expressing his desire to be involved in missions trips.

Just as Jesus has invited us into this journey, we invite you to join us.  You can join us in many ways.  

First, please pray for us.  

Pray for our safety and health.

 Pray for favor and ease of planning.

 Most of all pray that God's word will be confirmed through life change and miraculous signs.  

Secondly, consider going with us.  We have trips to Honduras planned for June, August and September of this year.  We would love for you to travel with us.  I can promise that it will change your life. Click Here for More Info.

Finally, consider making a gift towards these efforts.  You can give children sized clothing for the Foundation for Honduran Children With Cancer.  And as always, your financial gifts help make all of these efforts possible.  You can make a donation or sign up to provide regular support at 

Thank you for following along the Connect Global story and for partnering with us to carry the Message of the Gospel to Honduras and around the world.