A few weeks ago in La Ceiba, Honduras we visited the Heaven’s Door Christian School with our World Race Team.  Seven young adults who had, at that time been on their mission trip for 10 months, Gina (my wife), Noah (our 6-year-old son) and our Honduran friends, Jorge, Yaneth, Allison, Jimmy and Tatiana all invaded this educational facility.  We visited each classroom in groups of 3 or 4.  We took a few moments to share with each group of young students what life on the mission field was like.  The students were so welcoming and friendly to us.

We started with the younger aged classes first.  Kindergarteners are fun to hang out with in any language.  This school is a bi-lingual school so it made communicating for us a little easier.  The children were fascinated with all the stories our team members shared from their visits to other countries.  The World Race team had already been to several African and Asian countries before coming to Honduras.

Next Noah, Gretchen and I headed to a class of 2nd graders.  These young Honduran children were excited to hear about American football.  Gretchen shared about her love for other people.  Noah talked about “serving people from all the countries” he would visit.  To hear your 6-year-old son articulate what we have all been living out is a very moving experience.

Finally our little trio visited our last class for the day.  We found ourselves in a room of 6th graders.  About a dozen students listened with even greater focus and intentionality as we began to share about our experiences and travels to foreign lands.  They had lots of questions and were very engaged.

After a few moments I felt compelled to share with them the same message I have been sharing with churches in and around La Ceiba for the past several months: That Honduras is Blessed to Be a Blessing to All Nations; that these young children CAN be missionaries themselves.  I remember one young girl asked me, “How did you know you were supposed to be a missionary?” 

Even in her question I could see the hand of God moving her towards a life of missions.  I could hear His voice calling her name as a future Honduran missionary to the nations.

In the book of John, chapter 15, verses 16 and 17 Jesus says, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go bear fruit - fruit that will last - and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.  This is my command: Love each other.”

I shared with the class how 12 years prior I was on my first trip to Honduras.  I shared how we had visited the Garifuna village of Cusuna.  I shared with her how I fell in love with Honduras and the unreached peoples of the world and how at that moment I knew my life would ever be the same.  I knew that I had been recruited into a mission so much greater than the totality of my life.  I knew I would forever be on mission for the Gospel of Jesus. 

After I answered that little girl’s question we asked the class, “Who would like to go on a mission trip?” and, “Who would like to be a missionary one day?”  

Almost the entire class raised their hands!

There are times after a mission trip that I ask myself: “Did this last trip actually make a difference?  Did we actually leave a lasting, sustainable impact with the people?”  

Based on the positive responses we encountered, I would say we did make a difference that day.

It’s moments like this classroom visit that remind me that this whole life of missions was not my idea in the first place, but a calling from God.  And the life we live at Connect Global; the life lived out by so many missionaries around the world IS making a significant and lasting difference in the hearts and lives of those we encounter.  I am certain that one day that little girl will be a missionary.  I am certain that God has chosen her and appointed her to go, like others before her, to bear fruit that will last.

As you read this post, that very same voice may be calling your name.  Only you and God know.  But let me extend to you and open hand of invitation.  Give your life to the building of the Kingdom of God.  

I can promise you it will be a life well lived.

Travis Moffitt

In April 2016, Connect Global hosted a team from the World Race in La Ceiba, Honduras as part of our ongoing initiative, Connected Community.  At Connect Global we are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus, and to share the Gospel with the whole world through collaborative and sustainable efforts.  You can join us in these efforts through financial partnership and/ortrip participation.