Good afternoon,

First of all, I want to thank you for you friendship. You have blessed us by your kindness and generosity. It truly is wonderful to be part of such a great family.

I am taking time to express how excited we are about all that God has in store in 2011. At WVIW we are anticipating a great increase in the depth and effectiveness of this ministry.

This year has been themed the year of FOCUS for WVIW. We are taking a fresh look at each three major areas of this organization to insure the greatest impact.

Those areas are
1) Ministry
2) Message
3) Money

1) Ministry. We have taken a new FOCUS on the ministry of WVIW. It is apparent that our area of greatest impact is in our In-Prison Marriage Seminars. This year we will conduct five of these plus one Marriage Seminar for the prison guards. This is a 50% increase from previous years. We will also travel on at least three international trips, expanding the ministry of WVIW around the world.

2) Message. This year we are focusing on new technologies and new methods of delivering the message of Jesus Christ and what He is doing through WVIW. You can receive information from us today by mail, e-mail, the web, Twitter & Facebook. Stay tuned to for new and fresh ways to stay connected.

3) Money. We have taken a new focus on the finances of WVIW to ensure maximum stewardship and impact. This year we have taken new measures of efficiency and are exploring new methods of fund raising so that we can impact more lives. This ministry survives by the relationships developed over the last 32 years. This year we know that God is calling us to do more, to reach more lives, to save more marriages. Will you join us?

There are several ways you can partner with WVIW right now. Here’s a few ideas:

Consider having Myself or Johnny Moffitt as a guest speaker at your next event or church worship service. Both dad and I have a heart to serve and bless the local church and minister life at every opportunity. You can call the office at 972-234-6009 or e-mail us at for booking information.

Consider traveling with us. With several Marriage Seminars and International Mission trips in 2011 there is a place for you. We believe in team ministry and would love to have you or a member(s) of your team join us. We will be ministering in: Leadership Conferences, Youth Events, Door-to-door Evangelism, Marriage Seminars, Construction Projects and local and international churches.

Consider adding WVIW to your regular missions giving. The money you sow into this ministry will make a difference in the life of someone needing to hear the Gospel and see Jesus’ example lived out before them.

Pray for us. We need your prayers. We travel to some of the darkest places imaginable. It is only by your prayers and the power of God that we will prevail.

Be encouraged in Christ. This is a wonderful time we live in. This is a wonderful generation to be a part of. God still reigns.

God bless you.

Travis Moffitt
Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness Associate Director