The first mile into Mexico was nothing but shops and street vendors.  Mexican nationals ready for the waves of US tourists, border citizens, and family members coming for a Sunday visit.  We were obviously tourists. 

After lunch at the American friendly restaurant, Arturros’s, we proceeded to head to the Colonials.  The Colonials are set up as homestead lots for squatters.  
One left turn off the main road and we found ourselves traveling through an impoverished neighborhood.  Simple block homes in between houses made of corrugated tin lined the dirt roads of Colonia Jardín. 

Our host, Doc Louvierre, leaned out the window and began to yell:
“Frijoles, arroz, dulces. Todo gratis.”
“Beans, rice, candy.  All for free.”
We drove down four or five streets.  After ten minutes or so we rounded the corner and saw 20 - 30 people gathered on the side of the road.  Apparently this was the meeting spot. 
Doc immediately walked into the crowd and began greeting the mothers and the children.  Our team quickly followed. 
After a few minutes of greetings and the crowd growing, Doc addressed the group.  He was warm and welcoming.  Then he looked at me and said, “Ok, you guys take over.”

It was time for my broken Spanish to come up to speed.  I shared about the prayers of our team for the people.  I shared about the gift of Jesus, the only Son of God.  I shared that today was a day of opportunity for prayer and salvation.  
To God’s glory, the people responded.  Five ladies believed in Jesus and many more allowed us to pray for them.  I remember two young pregnant ladies, both asking for prayer for their unborn children.
It was humbling and delightful to be able to connect with these people on such a personal level.  

To God be the glory for His magnificent work. 

Travis Moffitt
Connect Global
A Ministry of Worldwide Voice In The Wilderness