> > > > Along the north coast of Honduras lie a string of remote villages. The Garifuna people living there are both welcoming and isolated. Inhabiting one of the most beautiful areas of the world in a condition of extreme poverty is paradoxical and tragic. > > In the middle of this chain of communities is the village of Cusuna. A place I have visited numerous times. The 5000 or so residents of Cusuna have a problem: they are starving. The are starving physically and spiritually. Due to several factors, there is a harsh shortage of protein-rich foods in Cusuna. Due to their history and decades of distorted teaching, there is a harsh shortage of truth in Cusuna. Many Garifuna children will go several days in a row with no protein in their diet all the while they will learn of ancestral spiritualism and worship of the dead. They are starving. > > At Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness, we are committed to making a difference in this largely unreached people group. We are working as part of an ongoing fish farm project that will provide food for the children of Cusuna. Our part also includes training current and future community leaders to honor God and church leaders to plant more churches that will impact Cusuna and the neighboring communities. > > We need you help.


> > > > In March of this year, Javier Mendoza and myself will travel to Cusuna for one week. We will continue an ongoing leadership series to equip and evangelize the community leaders. We will review the current progress of the fish farm and share with the church leaders some newly received information on church planting. We will also spend time with the people, going house to house to offer prayer and the love of Jesus Christ. These efforts will lay the foundation for a much larger team to join us in Cusuna in July of this year. > > To make this trip in March, we need to raise $3000. This will cover our travel, meals, and lodging. Will you help us? I believe there are three churches or individuals who can each give $1000. This will complete the need. If that is you, please go to our web site at There you will find a way to give online and our mailing address if you prefer to mail a check. > > If you want to give but are unable to at that level, please consider a gift of $500, $250, $100, or $50. Any amount will help and any funds over the base need of $3000 will help us print the much needed leadership training materials as well as begin to cover expenses for the trip in July.


> > > > The Garifuna people need the love of Jesus Christ brought to them through teaching and nourishment. You can provide this for them. You can make a difference in a life today. > > Thank you for your kind and generous support for Cusuna. > > Go bless you.


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