Many of you know that in just a few weeks, Javier Mendoza and I will be flying to Cusuna, Honduras.  There, we will spend three days with the leaders (both Christian and non-Christian) of this remote village.  We will share Godly leadership principles and the love of Jesus Christ.  

We will also work side by side with Nahun Flores, our local pastor partner, reviewing several new church planting concepts to help in his efforts to plant new churches among the Garifuna people. 
Our team will include a Honduran Agricultural Engineer who will review and advice on the condition and progress of the fish farm in Cusuna.  This fish farm is desperately needed to positively impact the food conditions among the Garifuna children. 

And we will share the Gospel.  Unashamedly and boldly, we will bring the Kingdom of God to Cusuna. 
We need your help!

So many have given towards this effort already and we are grateful and encouraged.  Today, we need to raise $2000 to complete the funding for this effort.  I believe you can help us.  A gift of any amount moves us one needed step closer to Cusuna.  If you can give $1000 please do so today.  If you can give $500 or $250 please do so today. If you can give $100 or $50.
You will be sowing a seed into a community and a people who need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Thank you. 
You can give online at or by check made out to WVIW, PO Box 740273, Dallas, TX 75374

Travis Moffitt
Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness
Mobilizing Teams to Reach Neglected & Forgotten Communities Around the World