Please read below the email update we have received from Dale Yerton, of WME. We are pleased to be partnering along side this world changing ministry and all money raised for Japan through our websites will be forwarded to WME for immediate distribution along with several dozen other churches. Together we will make a difference in the lives of those affected by this tragedy. Dear Fellow Minister,
Many of you are asking what WME is doing to help with the major disaster in Japan. We are requesting on either March 20 or 27, that you receive a special offering toward the Japanese Relief Effort and send it to the WME office. Please designate the offering for Japan. Julie, our office administrator, will be sending special instructions for those of you who want to make electronic donations.
We have two WME ministers who have valuable contacts in Japan, Rev. Eric Kurfman and Rev. Hin Hiong Khoo. In addition, last January, I was introduced to Pastor Masaharu Misaka, who oversees the network of Japanese churches called Next Town Mission. He is a beloved and greatly respected leader among his people and has excellent connections with pastors from Honshu Island, which is the northern area most affected from the earthquake and tsunami.
I have been in communication with Pastor David Bell of Destiny Church in San Antonio who introduced me to Pastor Misaka, and he has assured me that 100% of our offerings will go directly to the victims of the earthquake. Pastor Bell also suggested it would be a great encouragement to the Japanese people, if you would send a short encouraging statement to the Japanese pastors along with your offering. We will forward your message to the Japanese churches.This is a great opportunity to show the Japanese people that God cares about them. By working through the Japanese churches and pastors, we can give a clear witness of the love of Christ toward hurting people. Again, simply receive a special offering for Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief and send it to the WME office.We promise you that 100% will be sent to the people in Japan and that the local pastors will oversee the distribution to those with the greatest needs.I thank you in advance for your help.
Yours for HIS Kingdom,
Dale Yerton
Executive Director of World Missions
Worldwide Missionary Evangelism