Many years ago, when I was 16, I was traveling with my dad. He was speaking on a Sunday night at a church in South Georgia. At the close of service I noticed a bucket of water on the platform. I immediately knew I needed to wash my fathers feet. It was as clear to me as anything I could see or touch. Not wanting to draw attention to myself and not understanding what this meant, I left the service without following my heart.

Back at the hotel I asked my father what it meant to wash someone’s feet. He explained that it was an act of commitment to serve that other person. I told him what was in my heart but I did not take action. It would be almost 15 years later before I would find myself in my Father’s hospital room, him connected to all types of machines, and me washing his feet.

My heart and hands had finally connected with this simple dream from so many years before.

After the fulfillment of this dream my life began to change in ways I could not have imagined. My work was no longer as satisfying to me as before. My heart had shifted from professional vocation to missional ministry. My group of friends began to change, new things made me happy, and my priorities had been realigned.

In short, I had a dream and my life was never the same.

Joseph, son of Jacob, had a similar experience. He had been given a dream from God that resulted in great life change. There was no way he could have known that he would be betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery, and placed in prison. He simply had a dream.

You may remember Joseph’s dream as described in Genesis 37:7. He dreamt that his brothers and parents would bow before him. Joseph immediately began to pursue his dream in his excitement and faithfulness. He began to talk about his dream while following his fathers directives. Joseph was obedient. He pursued his dream and he pursued God.

Joseph’s dream changed his life in many different ways.

His dream offered Direction.

His dream created Division.

His dream gave Delight.

Joseph had a dream that would change his life and world forever.